Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Twirl and Feeling Special

At my retreat, the weekend before last, I had a friend in the
group making Twirl. I loved her version so much...
but I got to thinking about it and remembered starting 
that project last year after the pattern
came out. I had seen Carol of Carol's Crafty Creations and loved her
quilt also... she made hers with just 9 blocks instead of the 21 blocks 
called for in the pattern. So, where was mine???

After some looking, I found it.
The units had been sewn. 
It was just a matter of putting the blocks together.

So, I did!

I still like Sally's full version of the pattern.

She used  
Somewhere Over the Rainbow fabrics by Edyta Sitar.
So... since this one was so fun... and
so fast to put together (I know, I had a head start)...
I might just go ahead and make it again in the batik fabrics!

I took the day off from work and went wedding dress shopping
with "my girls"...
my DIL, my soon to be DIL and her sister.
They are all the sweetest group of women!

She had a specific place in mind to shop at.
It was definitely a road trip!
We went to the Bay Area... it was a 12 hour excursion!
(largely due to traffic on our way back home)

This is not THE dress

But it's the only one I have to show you. 

When you are talking a 3 1/2 hr drive one way...
we encouraged her to try on several...
which was fun, yet serious business! ha

There are factors come into play when you have
 a spring wedding
that will be outdoors... in the mountains.
For instance:
A train on the dress is a bad idea.
But everything said and done...
the one that made her feel extra special
was the right choice. 

The first dress she tried on was the one she decided on.

It was such a nice day!
(I wish that I would have brought champagne though... a little toast would have been nice)


Sue said...

Beautiful quilt Sinta ! Glad you found the blocks you made so that you could finish it into a top :-D

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like a long, but really fun day with the girls. You did a great job with the quilting too! ;-)

Hildy said...

I love your Twirl, Sinta! And hope we the a few wedding pictures in spring:-)

Sally Jane said...

Wow, at first I was amazing that you already finished your version of Twirl, but then I read on that you had started it earlier then set it aside. Funny, that's exactly what I had done too. I decided that the Pineneedles Retreat would be a perfect time to finish something started. Though I did come prepared to do your Sprouts quilt...maybe next year ;)

Karen said...

Twirl is on my bucket list. I love the movement of it, yet it is still quilt block-y. I am sort of a Fig Tree groupie and your fabric choice is beautiful.

Feathers in my Nest said...

Love, Love your Leaves! so pretty..batiks is a great idea too..Hmmm.
Oh how wonderful, a Spring wedding! how special. Your daughter will be a gorgeous bride for sure..
Debra in Ma.

QuiltSue said...

Your quilt will look lovely, and so will your soon-to-be-DIL, I'm sure

Anonymous said...

I am SO HAPPY you posted the Twirl picture! I had that pattern pictured in my memory, but i could not locate it without its name. What fabric did you use? Mary [ clabots at wildblue dot net ]

Cheryl said...

Your quilt top looks great! I love the soft colors you picked!