Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Glisten and a Midweek Mosaic

 I think it was about this time last year 
when I found a delightful "tiny home"... all storybook looking. 

And since I didn't get one for Christmas... I discovered something new this year!
Something new that I think everyone should have...
SHE Sheds.
They have the Man Caves...
So, now there is an answer to that!
Tuff Sheds actually are making She Sheds. 

Adorable, right?

I joined up with a little quilt along. 
released this sweet pattern...

I'm pretty much on target so far.
Well, if I make 6 more blocks tonight anyway!

I am so relieved that our family will be celebrating Thanksgiving this year
on Saturday. I work... so having the extra days off to prepare
 and get my shopping done
seems like a blessing!
ha... the first thing I'm thankful for!
The bonus is that (nearly) all the kids will be able to be home
to enjoy the day with us!

I hope your holiday starts and ends stress-free and
with lots of joy and laughter.


Lorri said...

I love the She Sheds! Every woman should have one!

Sue said...

What a great idea having a SHE SHED !!

Your Glisten blocks are adorable :-D

Happy Thanksgiving !!!!

Jeanna said...

I would love a She Shed :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Sinta. It is wonderful that most of your kids will be home. Enjoy!

Manish Chand said...

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