Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Featured Book: Windy City Bags

Normally, I leave bag making up to my DIL who is a wiz at it!
But since the babies started coming... for some reason she doesn't have
time to sew like she use to... leaving me to have to shop at
department stores!

But.... now, I think I've got this!

This amazing book was released last month...
and it definitely one to add to your bookshelf!
Windy City Bags is the sequel to Big City Bags!
Both are published by Martingale.

Sara of Sew Sweetness blog has an incredible amount of talent
and has created this book in a simple straight forward style
without making the projects 
"remedial" for people like me who are lacking in
seamstress skills.

(all photos by Brent Kane for Martingale Publishing
all rights reserved)

(Windy City Bags by Martingale Publishing 2015 
used by permission)

Of course the fun fabrics that were used
 is the first thing that sold me
on this book! 

I'm having a little flash-back to the 60's 
with matching purse and bag!

 The projects are full of wonderful detail and Sara
shares with you every step of the design process making you feel confident
in selecting the materials needed for the bags and using the hardware to
make these unique and stylish purses.

Putting in zippers and installing hardware on these 
structured bags seems easy but
if the book isn't enough Sara has videos on her blog 
to really help you along.

The only hard part is deciding which bag to make first!

4 friends stopped by to chat:

Loris said...

Yep, that fabric pulled me right in! An excellent excuse to wear Tula Pink 😊

Hildy said...

It's aways better if beautiful fabric is involved:-) Personally I think bag making is not so hard ... I'm more scared of dressmaking but I hope to finally make a Tova Tank Topthis year.

Margaret said...

Reading your post almost gives me enough confidence to sew a bag! I think I'll look for that book.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

I love making bags!! I need this book... ok don't twist my arm anymore! LOL Have a happy day!