Friday, April 1, 2016

My Book Shelf

It might take me a while to slip in some reading here and there but I
do actually give up some quilting time in
order to read.
The key word is some.
Not a whole lot but some!

I finally decided that my substitute format of entertainment
 would be reading because I just
don't read as much as I would like to!
I bought a Kindle Fire and am actually able
to check books out!
Our local library is very small... so this gives me 

to have great access to a wide variety of books. 

These are books that I have read since the first of the year.

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I loved Out of Africa (from way back when)
and Circling the Sun is a story from
the same place and time and people!
But this is another person's story...
I wish I could have lived back then and had 
known them all!

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There is a reason that this was such a popular book
and a good movie...
I loved this incredible story!

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This book was enchanting.
First of all... I have a degree in Interior Design
from when I was a city/beach girl..
long before I created a simple life in the mountains
for myself.. but had I stayed in the city...

I would have been the main character of this book!
That's all I'm saying. 
I loved this story!

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This was a heart wrenching book.
Too much sad reality.
It was excellent. 

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I am just finishing up The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

This one seems to keep getting bumped for another book
and set aside but I do really enjoy it. 
I am just finishing it up but plan on reading it again...
I am sure the second time it will be easier to
connect the dots between all the people mentioned.
That really has slowed me down.

The next book I am anxious to start reading is:

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The Lemoncoly Life of Annie Aster.

I have a few friends that have formed a reading group
and this is the book chosen for our next get together/discussion.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Heartsdesire said...

I loved Paula McLain's Circling the Sun because, like you, I loved Out of Africa. Her previous book, The Paris Wife, was also a good read.

Unknown said...

Circling the Sun was a great read. I haven't read The Paris Apartment, and will add it to my list. Thanks for the recommendation! Sarah's Key stayed with me for a long time, and not in a good way. That was one heavy story. I listened to the Stig Larssen books on audio, and thought they were great stories. Once I got all the characters names straight in my head! I felt like I needed a note tablet to write them all down. Isn't reading a blessing? I don't get people who don't read! Thanks for sharing Sinta.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 other books to read after "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" by the same author. All 3 of them are interconnected. I loved them. I feel like there would have been another book to tie up loose ends, but Stig Larssen passed away.

paweis at yahoo dot com


Hildy said...

I need to check these books out! Lately I couldn't find a good book that keeps my attention and I started to reread some oldies but goldies because why should I waste my reading time with books I don't love. said...

I hear ya on the book reading vs sewing. Al and I have been taking short trips to Florida for shows and concerts while we visit family so I've been reading on the plane and in the hotels. I used to read while I ate lunch but now that he's retired too, it's rude to eat while we eat :)

I should start a list too and hang it in my sewing room.....I always forget if I read a book and then I start to re read......



Oh how I need to get back to reading--I see and hear about alot of good books--but all I do is sew-boring!!
thanks for sharing your books with us-
love and laughter,di

Tine - Design By T said...

You can also see the movies made from the books of Stieg Larsson, the Swetish films are the best, but they made them in an American/English version as well.

Miss Linny said...

Hi, I found your blog on my Sunday morning blog hop.. I see you are going to read Circling the Sun.. Perhaps you might consider reading Beryl Markham's autobiographies, West With the Night and Straight on Till Morning as they are both excellent booKS. I read them many years ago but still keep them on my bookcase. Thank you for the reminder I think I'll have another go.
Regards from sunny but cold Shropshire, England