Friday, April 24, 2009

Field Trip

Field Trip Friday!

The quilt above is one that I have hanging in my office. So here you are- at work with me!
I meant to show you this one earlier in the week, during my little debut. This quilt is one of the quilts that I will be entering into the local quilt show next month. So, I will have 3 entered all together.
My little lunch time excursion (Lunch Therapy) today was to go back to the LQS and take a couple photos of the quilts that are hanging on display there. Yesterday I ran over there and when I whipped out my camera and... you guessed it. No charge on the battery!

This quilt is from an American Jane pattern and uses 1 jelly roll. This is one of mine that is on display there, at Bear Paw Quilts in Oakhurst.

The next quilt was made by Donna, my friend, and who happens to be the store owner. They are from the book by Heather Mulder Peterson called the Sweet Life. Every one of the quilts in this book are beautiful. Oh, and believe it or not... I just read her post and she has a new book coming out that looks like a lot of fun! Please go see because I would love to get tagged by Heather!!!

Here are a couple of others that were hanging on display. I think that they are fun quilts.

So, have a wonderful weekend! I myself am going to have my sewing machine in front of me and the petal to the metal! Okay, so that's my plan at least but I know that there will be a trip to Costco in there somewhere and maybe a little jaunt over to Lowe's to pick up a few flower packs to plant outside and get some color around me. Enjoy!

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Sherri said...

I love all of the quilts in today's quilt show...but the first one has to be my favorite! I'm sure it will win ribbons!

Sandra said...

What a lovely quilt to have hanging in your office!I'm so glad you joined the pincushion swap, we'll have fun!

from little acorns said...

Sinta! . . your 'For My Grandmas' quilt looks wonderful! Could we 'borrow' the photo to use in our website's gallery? I would love for people to see your finished quilt.
xo, Bren
(Acorn Quilt & Gift Company)