Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Confessions...

I have been trying hard not to confess to my lack of diligence on A Tisket A Tasket. But here you have it. This is where I am. I know I'm way behind and for fear of being "kicked out of the group"... I am pleading for forgiveness (Anne) and a chance to catch up. Insert smile here. This really has gotten away from me... and it's so darn cute. I don't know what my problem is. I hope to get the embroidery under control and the appliqued (fused) version also. Now I know that I can't even make a promise to make it my weekend project, but soon, soon, soon!
I realized yesterday that I had forgotten not one but 2 birthdays for this month, urgggh! I do really try to be good about that. So, I might be in the sewing room whipping up a thing or two that can get mailed out on Monday. I'm thinking a purse, maybe a spa bag & goodies in it. Thank goodness they are girls! That will make it easier. Heidi and Becky are part of my New England family- the hubs side. I love all of them to pieces! So I am going to have to make it up to them big time!
Tomorrow I have fun plans: Jill, her mom and I are going to Fresno (the largest city near us), it's about 45 minutes away. We have appointments for wedding dress shopping! I am so excited... having all sons... I didn't ever think it likely that I would get to be a part of a dress shopping adventure... but Jill takes good care of me! I should have all sorts of things to share on Monday and a few pictures to go with it.
I just heard that my son who has been out fighting fires for 1 1/2 weeks just got back into town! Can't wait to see him. It has been so unbearably hot... I don't know how those guys do it!
Have a great weekend blogetts and pray for some of the rain from the New England states to come our way!
...I almost forgot... my blog pick of the week: DIY Bag Lover. I actually just discovered it today and I got to explore it a bit. It is a great resource for free patterns- bag patterns. You might want to check them out:)
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Sherri said...

How fun it's going to be to go wedding shopping! Have a great time!

Gran said...

Wedding dress shopping sounds like so much fun. I can not imagine yet I bet it is going to be special.

I hate to admit - I am behind on my Tisket a Tasket as well. :0( I will get there though, and I know you will too.

I like the word blogett - neat! Never saw it before.
Have a great weekend.

Jean said...

Have fun wedding dress shopping! My girls all went and tried on to see what they liked best! And then I ended up sewing for all 3 of them... plus a white velvet cape for my DIL... on top of a wedding dress and a red velvet cape for daughter #2....(only in line, not in love!LOL....) DIL's are the best! Enjoy! I have one of the best in the world!