Monday, July 20, 2009

Sewing Room Activities

I can't resist showing you my new lamp. It came to me last week, and I "heart" it! However, Saturday morning came and it was the first time I got to see it with the light coming in the window and reflecting off the glass... I had little rainbows on the walls of my living room! Right then, my love grew deeper. So silly, but really, it's so true.

As the weekend progressed I did get to visit my sewing room here and there and made some more progress on my Confetti blocks. But my attention got diverted and I was feeling the need for some instant gratification.
Okay, I confess here... I fused this! But I'm talking instant gratification, so fusing seemed okay. For those of you who know the pattern, I know that you will see some "backward" details. I have that worked out too. I'm left handed, so my sash should tie on the other side! I still need to put in the wording (handmade) across the top. Maybe I can get to that some evening this week.

But that's not all! I still needed bigger instant gratification! I still had out my Shangra-la fabrics that I used for my Dresden's and thought I would try to use up some more of that line in a sweet little pattern from Camille. I have left the stitching around the
fused pieces, again, for a mid-week project.

I was happy with my play-time. We still managed to go visit my dad and his wife and go out to dinner; visited with some friends of ours at brunch; and Todd & Jill came over for dominoes & dinner on Sunday... and Jill did the cooking!!! I love that girl!
I ran over to the LQS to talk with Donna, the owner during my lunchtime today. I snapped a few pics of her store samples that I thought I would share:

Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!


Sherri said...

Oh, I love everything...isn't the pattern of Joanna's a lot of fun to make?! And the Camille pattern you did turned out great too! The lamp is beautiful as that I'm home I can't wait to work/play in the sewing room!

Deb said...

Renee, I love, love, love your lamp and I can just visualise the rainbows being spread around the room with the light. It would be beautiful.

Gran said...

Beautiful lamp! Your pictures are a treat. Aren't LQS's fun!

ranette said...

Oh that lamp makes my heart sing....I had a similar one that a cat broke...
Your work is beautiful, always a treat to see.

jaybird said...

so much eye candy in one post!!!! i adore your little madeline!

Cheryl said...

Wow, such great eye candy! Your pictures are so pretty, and I love everything you have going. The lamp......BEAUTIFUL!