Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekend Plans & A Little Schnibble Here & There

Here we are embarking on the weekend again! However, I feel like I am about to go into "rush mode" instead of kicking back for the weekend. Maybe it's not so much a feeling of "rushing" but more like excitement that I am feeling for the wonderful response
we have had with the A Year of Schnibbles Club!
You guys are just as excited as we are... how cool is that! This is going to be even more fun than I thought! And, I thought it was going to be incredibly fun to start with! Can you see all the names on the sidebar? We still have more to add to that!
I am going to answer a few questions that popped up but first I wanted to show the last(#3) Save The Date postcard for Todd and Jill's wedding. Very fun! If you didn't see the other two pictures scroll down to the beginning of the week. I think these two are just perfect for each other!
I had a computer glitch today so I am just going to fill in with some "eye candy"...
Tomorrow I get to go play at Cottage Quilts (photos below). I will be teaching my Christmas Tree class. I will be doing a lot of drooling around the store as well.

I haven't been there for awhile so I am sure there will be lots of new things to see.
I get to pick out a new store sample project too... oh ya. I'm a lucky girl!

Before I run off I wanted to let you know that I took a Schnibbles pattern to the post office and I got a variety of prices for international rates from them and it all ran from $1.03 to $1.24. That's pricing from Canada to Sweden. The patterns themselves cost $6.50.
So , overall I think it's good. I know a lot of you were worried about postage... so I hope this helps. I also spoke to 2 shops who would possibly be mailing the patterns and they agree.

*If it were a whole kit it would run approx. 12.95 for postage.

There are no PDF's of the Schnibbles patterns, I also checked on that.
Now, I had a bunch of wonderful links on the post before the A Year of Schnibbles announcement. I think they are worth checking out if you missed it. The links are for wonderful Schnibbles quilts that have been posted on other blogs... so go check them out!
That will be my official "favorite blog of the week" recommendation.
Thanks for stopping by blogettes- have a great weekend!

EDIT: Important info: I forgot to mention that Julie from Jewels Arm Candy is celebrating Schnibbles in a giveaway! She has selected a group of charms from Authentic! I love that group and Sherri just made a sweet tote bag from the group also. Her drawing is Sunday so hop over and put your name in.

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Jocelyn said...

Just one quick question. I am assuming that we can take the Schnibble button and put it on our blog?? I don't remember you or Sherri mentioning it.

PiecefulChaos said...

#3 is my favorite save the date postcard! What fun!

Sherri said...

Oh, I'd better hurry and get the club names on my sidebar!!! Love that disappearing nine-patch out of Fig & it yours? Have fun at the shop tomorrow!

an encourager said...

I am just so excited to begin this year of the Schnibble club, and I have to confess.... I do not know what that even is. I must do more researching and blog-hopping to see what I am excited about. )

dotti white said...

I am excited! Thanks for all of your prep to make it work! You and Sherri are awesome!

Trisha said...

I can't stop thinking about this whole Schnibble thing that I happily got myself into. I am trying to figure out the most affordable way to get the patterns. I have to see if any of my LQS have them. I am worried about paying more than I want for shipping. Did you say there is a way to pay online and download the pattern?

Kate said...

Your Schnibble club sounds awesome...but I might be getting in over my head joining up. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else makes though!

Cheryl said...

Oh please count me in on this one!! I will mention it in my next post. What a great idea.

Anonymous said...

The Schnibbles club sounds like a wonderful project for bloggers! I've just got way too much on my plate to do one a month so I will just silently try and play along. I've got Nice Day on my side bar....but that was done a few months ago! LOL


I finally got my new computer to put my picture on your follower list and I have just added your blog site to my blog list on my site--so bring on the Schnibbles--gals!!!!hugs, just, Di