Friday, August 14, 2009

Inspriation, Relaxation & Fun with Friends

I wanted to share with you a blog that really inspires me. It's Crazy Mom Quilts. You probably already visit her but she is somewhat new to me. Her quilts are beautiful and not really the "style" that I normally do. But I would love to branch out a little and give it a try.
Nicole, Sister's Choice Quilts, had mentioned in a post this week how quilters stay in a little niche and often don't want to try new things. Even if you aren't ready to do applique, for instance, right now... maybe in the future you would enjoy it. Or the same with fabric choices. If you don't use batiks, or 30's or scrappy... or whatever... maybe down the road you will. I think that quilting allows you to grow and change and to learn. That's what makes it so fun! Don't you think? This year I am doing embroidery... it's embarrassing actually. I'm awful at it... but I'll keep trying:) Anyway...

I have a lot of plans for the weekend. First of all, when I get off of work today I will be heading to the lake. Every Friday evening during the summer the Pines resort at Bass Lake has a Jazz band playing outdoors. We will be crashing the party by boat. We will be joining Jill's parents on their boat (ours has not been out this year... yet). It should be a fun evening and we will avoid any crowds by just dropping anchor nearby and listening to the music.

The scary thing is that I do not have any form of tan for these legs of mine. I would show you a picture... but it would just be cruel. Needless to say, I had a hard time deciding what I was going to wear today, knowing that we were going to be out on the water.
(photo courtesy of the Pines Resort) This is actually where I hold my retreat at.
Tomorrow morning we will be going to visit my dad. We will be celebrating his birthday. Number 78! It's also my step dad's birthday (#69), but I won't be going to visit him... too far. Can you keep a secret? I get my dad and step dad the same card for birthdays and fathers day.
Is that bad?
I just don't want to play favorites or I could just be lazy. See my confessions for Friday's are starting to come out:)

Then on Sunday I will be getting together with my quilting group... another confession time: we call ourselves the "Material Girls". I think you saw photos of them back in June:) This time we are having a lunch/summer b-day party and will be exchanging pincushions. Woohoo... you know I love pincushions. Hmmm, maybe it was my idea?
Okay now I do have a scary picture to show you... and it won't be my legs either. I was outside last night with my dog and she started her "pointer" thing.
I went to see what she was looking at...
and here it is:

This thing was hugs... I mean HUGE! OMG! doesn't it make you cringe? Sorry, but I couldn't resist running in the house to get my camera so that I could show you this tarantula. Eeww!
I hope I don't give you the hebbie jebbies!


Stina said...

Ohh.. oh my goodness... think Im having second thoughts about visiting USA now!!! Ughhh! :o/
Hope you will have a wonderful weekend... without the spiders.. it seems like your weeend are fulled with lots and lots of fun!!! :o)))

Sherri said...

Wow...what a fun weekend! And that spider is just too scary...don't like them at all!

Jilly's Space said...

Are you kidding me!!! I would Dieeeeeee if I saw that spider...ew ew ew ew. I am so glad we don't have those running around in Canada.
Sounds like you have a great weekend planned..have fun!!
I love Crazy mom quilts site too and I hope to step out of my comfort zone as I learn more.
Enjoyed reading your blog today..thanks :o)

larry7pokey said...

eww, is right! I can't imagine running across - oh wait, I live here in CA, too, and I do see them occasionally. Glad it's not too often, huh? pokey

ranette said...

What a gross tarantula...yuck!

How fun to be watching the concert on a boat and in such a beautiful spot too.

I can't wait to see the pincushion that you come home with from your quilting group.

Keep up with the gets better with practice.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Yowzers!!! eeeeeeeeeek!!!!

......spiders - and BIG ones
like this one CREEEEEEP me
out! I guess that is a
chance you take livin' up
there in Oakhurst!

I love Bass Lake! Have attended many conferences there for work. Great place to hang out!

have fun and happy birthday to the boys!


PunkiePie said...

OH man! I would have screamed like a girl, ran into the house and never come back out! You're brave to go back and take its creepy picture!

Jean said...

I'm thinking that I'm glad that I don't live where you live!!! No thanks.... in the meantime....
Good Dog!!! Bet your glad that you didn't leave the house door open?!
We had huge spiders in Japan too! Dinner plate size... I don't live there anymore either!!!