Monday, August 10, 2009

Sweet Little Pincushions & more

I blogged about the spa bags I made last week and there was some interest in the correct (smile) name of the magazine I used. Nicole at Sister's Choice let me know that she found it ON SALE at the Fat Quarter Shop. So if you are interested, you can order it through there.

I made some progress on my son's quilt. I think I'm about half way there! Boy it's a challenge to go back and try to remember what you were doing... I hate it when I leave a project mid-stream. I do really like the colors of the Diwabo fabrics. I think they are soothing and give the blocks a masculine look. Don't you?
My fun little project was the little pincushion "Tuffets" (pattern by Miss Rosie's). If you ever wanted to do a selvage edge project... but without the pain, try it with this small project. I am ready to go into my stash and start cutting off the selvages so I can make more! It was especially easy to use the edges from the "Moda Scrap Bags" since they are all uneven and need to be straightened up anyway.
I also helped Jill make some lavendar eye pillows. She needed to make
them for baby shower gifts.
The mom-to-be just had a birthday over the weekend... and I was elected to "get/break" into her house while Todd and Jill took her out to dinner. Jill and I had filled up a duvet with balloons we had blown up and I emptied it in her house while they were away. She was so surprised! (wish I had a picture) It was nice because her husband is also up in Alaska fighting fires with my other son. At least she didn't have to spend her 25th b-day alone.


Sherri said...

I've been wanting to make the Tuffets pincushion too...I really need to sit down and make a list...I get reminded of things on blogs...and need to write them down while I'm thinking of them!

Gran said...

I can count on you sharing wonderful quilt things.
Thank you!

Jean said...

So sweet of you to "make her day"! Nothing like having a birthday alone! Not fun at all!
Balloons... I spent the weekend (well at least part of Saturday!) blowing up balloons too. We were to have a water party for our Primary Children's group from Church. Yep... 54 degree's does not a good water play make! We were supposed to slip and slide and splash.... etc... change of venue... inside fun was had by all! Oh well... who would have thought that it would only be 54 degree's in August?
Your quilt looks great... definetly a manly quilt! LoL...

PunkiePie said...

What a nice thing you did. Spending a birthday alone is no fun. Your son's quilt is awesome. I like the fabrics you chose. And I have to dig out my copy of that magazine. I know I have it here somewhere...