Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Confessions

Okay, I confess that Friday's are not just Friday's to me. I call it Chai Friday!
This is Becky and guess where she works? You've got it! After I get to work on Friday mornings my coworker volunteers me to go back out and get Chai Latte's for us. Ummm! Now there is one alteration to this. Sometimes we have been known to make it Chai Thursday... because it's so nice to combine a latte with "landscaper boys" day!

They come and they go...
This is one of our boys, Tauren, who was thinking he was going to have a day off. But as it turns out his Hotshot crew is now on a plane to Alaska to fight one of the fires that are burning up there. I am really excited for him. The fun part of his job is to be able to go to amazing places! Alaska!
What could be more beautiful?
Teague, the one on the left, had to go back to Chico this week. Vacation time was over. Jill and Todd have to go back to Livermore Sunday. It's like a mass exodus!
I will be missing all of them:(

As for the weekend: I will be home looking out my window at this view. I have some projects to work on for the Charming Girls Quilt Club. I hope I am productive!

But for tonight we are having Todd, Jill and Jill's parents over for dinner. This is a photo (from Bon Appetite) of the cake I made this morning before I went to work. I wish I could just skip dinner and just have the cake... but maybe Jill's parents would get the wrong impression of me!LOL... it is way too late for that!

Have a great weekend Blogetts!


PunkiePie said...

The cake... looks YUMMY! Wish I could have a piece! Enjoy your weekend. I hope you're productive! I hope to get a little sewing in on Sunday morning but I won't bank on it.

Sherri said...

Wow...the cake looks spectacular...but what I'm really jealous of is the view from your gorgeous!

Vickie E said...

Just came back from ALaska! it is beautiful there...but I didn't know it was dry enough for a fire! It rained the whole time we were there.

ranette said...

Love your view...I'd never get anything done for just sitting and gazing out the window!

Great looking kids! The cake made my mouth water...I'm on day 8 of NO SUGAR!

Todd and Jillian's Wedding said...

Very sneaky Sinta. Taking pictures and posting them on your blog.

Jean said...

Seems to me that life is too short! Let's eat dessert first!!!
That's a beautiful cake! Let's eat!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Pass a piece to me!!

You have such a lovely family! I know how proud you are of your sons! I hope this finds everyone doing fabulous. Tell you handsome son to BE CAREFUL!!! (I know your worries all too well!)

much love - oh, and cute pincushions!


Todd and Jillian's Wedding said...

I would love for you to make our wedding cake if you want to take on the challenge. I want it to look pretty traditional at far as the style, but it would be really cute if it had flowers or something on it. Could we do a mock trial to see what it would look like? There could always be sheet cakes to if we need more.