Monday, October 5, 2009

Fig Tree Club Fiesta!

We had the first meeting of the Fig Tree Club on Saturday
A couple of people couldn't be there but we did have fun and everyone was well on their way with the first project Cornerstones by the time we left.
I served Fig Newton cookies and Chai Tea.

I whipped up a little pumpkin pincushion earlier that morning to show off Joanna's new pattern.
The store had some great displays. Here is the Cobblestones quilt that everybody got kits for.

Here are a couple more store samples I did, one is from the little
booklet of all "turnover" projects.
Then the Madeline wall hanging. In the picture above you can see a mini Madeline made to fit a small dress form on top of the bookshelf that my friend Peggy made.
I also had a "trunk show" of the quilt I have made from Fig Tree & Co.

Well, that's most of them anyway.
The FTC was fun... and I can't wait to see everyone's finished lap quilts at the next meeting. Fortunately that won't be until January... so plenty of time to get it done!


Sherri said... have been busy! The Fig Tree Club quilt looks wonderful, and I love your other quilts too! I noticed the quilt with the cottages...that's on my list to make...did you make fewer cottages, or is that the full-size of the quilt? Hopefully you can rest a little before your retreat!

Julie said...

Oh that looks like such a fun time! And I'm so in love with the pumpkin pincushion!

Cara said...

The quilts look wonderful. I'm sure it was a load of fun. I wish my LQS did more things like that.

PunkiePie said...

When do you sleep?! You're just busy busy busy! Thanks for the peek!

Stina said...

Busy!!!! That club must be fantastic!!! Lovely project!!!
LOved to see the pictures from the shop..:o) and I love that pincushion!!!! :o)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Where on earth do you find the time to make all of Joanna's quilts? WOW! I really love the house one, don't you?

I am trying to figure out which quilt you made for the Alden Lane show. ...and I already threw out my program list..... :(