Friday, October 2, 2009

Meet Cindy Lou Who & the Winners

The October Schnibbles pattern: Cindy Lou Who

Yesterday was so busy and fun and exciting! All of the people who participated in a Year of Schnibbles did such an incredible job! The Winter White pattern looked so good in soooo many different fabric groups.

It was amazing. If you have a moment to take a second look at them please do! There were some quilts added throughout the day and even a late one (my fault) added this morning.

There was a bunch over at A Quilting Life also. Sherri and I split up the entries to the parade... divide and conquer.

Now we get to see who the winners are of the fabulous giveaways! We gave the Amazing Carrie, Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. (I think that Camille at Thimble Blossoms had given her that title) the opportunity to pick a winner... but she got so excited that she picked 3!

Sherri and I picked randomly generated numbers. I gave my numbers to Sherri to see who the numbers belonged to on her blog and she did the same for my blog.

But before I announce who the winners are... I want to show you what the prizes are!!!

The Quilt Shoppe offered as a giveaway a Cindy Lou Who kit! They have kits for this pattern made up in Oh Cherry Oh, Frosted Memories, Tradition, Zippity Do Dah

and the Morris Workshop also.

Havasu Quilts is presenting 3 charm packs of your choice

with a pattern as their giveaway package!

Carrie Nelson, Miss Rosie's Quilt Co., is giving away the Alliance bundle with a Fit To Be Geese ruler; a Spring Fever layer cake (which is not released yet to the public) along with the special Geese ruler and her third giveaway is for a set of the Fit To Be Geese rulers in both the large and small geese sizes!!!

Corrie from Quilt Taffy is another fabulous featured shop who made up something special for the October Schnibble... pattern and charm pack...

The Missouri Quilt Company is offering the Caroler Charm Packs... 5 of them! Not one, but five of those cute little things!

So, now all we need to know is who the winners are of all of these great giveaways!

Now if you have been over to Carrie's blog you will see that she has already posted her winners. I'm telling you... she couldn't wait... she was so excited about the parade!

Her winners are:

Pam Walker

and Sandy!

and for the Year of Schnibbles giveaway winners from the blog of A Quilting Life,

the winners are...

Ann D and Marianne!

The final two randomly picked winners of the giveaway

from the Pink Pincushion blog are:

Carrie and Bea!

*Disclaimer: yes Carrie's number was truly randomly drawn!

Please send us your address if you are one of the names listed above!


Needled Mom said...

Great job by all so congratulations to the winners.

Béa said...

I am very happy to be one of this month's winners, thank you very much for this great idea of challenge !
Have a nice week end.

Angela said...

Oh yeah, I know Bea! So glad to see that she was one of your winners! :o)

T's Daily Treasures said...

I came to you from EverythingVintage to say happy belated birthday. The quilts are beautiful - what great work by everyone! I love crafting, but sewing has never been one of my talents. :) Tammy

Anonymous said...

I am soooooooo excited to win
the Year of Snibbles giveaway,
I just finished running around the house sceaming "I won, I won".
Thanks so very much.

Pam Walker
7740 Ridge Rd.
Zanesville, Ohio 43701

Trisha said...

This is so exciting! I squealed when I saw that I won and I got a really weird look from my husband. heehee Then I said, "I won a giveaway!" And my son came running downstairs and said excitedly, "you won a gameboy?!".

Stina said...

Oh... so much fun.. just sorry I didnt make it... this time!! :o) so many wonderful versions!!! :o)

Messy Karen said...

congratulations to the winners. and to everyone else who completed their Winter White.

an encourager said...

Shoot! I am behind... but somewhere tomorrow I am going to post a picture of my finished Winter White!

Marianne said...

I feel so ungrateful, NOT!, but I've been on a sewing jag and was off the computer. Can't believe I won! I am so glad I joined Year of Schnibbles! It is so much fun seeing all the different interpretations of the same pattern. Thanks Sinta!

Heather said...

I finished the Cindy Lou Who quilt! Here is my link for the November parade:

Thelma said...

My October Schnibbles is done!
I'm eager to see all the others!
I'm so happy you chose this pattern, I would never have made it otherwise. I hope November is an easy one!
Thanks Sinta, this is so much fun

Megan said...

My October Schnibbles quilt top is done!

Thanks for doing the legwork in co-hosting the challenge!

Allyson said...

My October Schnibbles is done. Here's the link:

This one was a real challenge for me, keeping all the pieces organized. Can't for the unveiling of the November pattern.

Thanks again, for all the work you're putting into organizing this.

Allyson @