Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vintage from Vennerland

Over the weekend I became the recipient of these two quilts. These were just quilt tops made by Jill's late grandmother. Grandma Venner. I think they are so fun! I love the colors of the first one. The Fan quilt has the sweetest pieces of fabrics in the fans. Jill had them quilted so that we could have them on display at the wedding. (The family calls their grandma's ranch Vennerland).

I have the honor of finishing them. I added the bindings on both now (since I took the picture last evening)
 I was able to finish the binding on the first one... and now I'm half way finish the binding now on the fan quilt. I  am having a good time looking at each of those blocks and seeing all the different fabrics she used!

This is the sign at the main intersection of our town. (There is only one intersection).
But I was taking a picture of the birds... not the sign. Can you see the Ravens? The dad is on top... being the lookout and the mom is in the nest with the babies.
Of all the places around... I was wondering why they chose the busiest place?

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Sherri said...

The quilts are beautiful...I also love the vibrant colors in the first one! How cool that you noticed the birds up high on the sign!

Cyndi said...

Both of those quilts are beautiful, but that blue one is just so striking! I'm glad that Jill has you to be able to finish them for her; it will be nice to have something representing her grandmother at the wedding!

Birds are so funny. Ever notice how the Sparrows like to build their nests in the letters of signs at the stores, banks, etc? I'm always afraid for the babies...falling out onto the hard cement and maybe getting run over! Silly birds!



kjquilts said...

Love the old quilts! It's so nice that you've had them quilted. Now they can be used and I'll bet Grandma Venner would be pleased!

Birds...they do some crazy things.

Quilt Hollow said...

Well, if there is only one intersection they won't miss a thing! Hee
Wonderful quilts...lovely treasures for sure!

Sue said...

Those are sweet quilts. The first one does have some great colors.

Birds are entertaining aren't they?

Jewel said...

That looks like a shopping center where my Aunt and Uncle live... in Auburn... I always thought it strange we don't have a Gottchalks in Ssan Jose...

call me crazy said...

Love the quilts!~ esp the first one, is it called Wedding Ring? or something like that? Silly birds like being in the middle of everything in your town. ;-)

PunkiePie said...

What beautiful quilts! I can't wait to see how the whole wedding is decorated.

Angela said...

I love how the colors pop in that first quilt!

John'aLee said...

How fun to get those quilts!!
Thanks for your sweet comments about my give away. You know how it is when you own a's very easy to be generous!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love the quilts!! They are so pretty. Love the color of that first one.
Funny seeing the big daddy bird up on top guarding the family.

J.Rae said...

Thanks for binding those for me!! They do look good all laid out on your floor.
Had a lovely weekend with the both of you. Hopefully we will see you next weekend too.

prashant said...

The quilts are beautiful.
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