Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Wheels Are Turning

It's that time again to put my planning into action.
Every year I plan and coordinate a retreat at nearby Bass Lake.

 It's called Pine Needles Quilt Camp.
It's a 3 day event in October while the weather is still nice, kind of the time when we have Indian Summer.
A couple of years ago my friend Virginia started helping me with the retreat, which has made it more fun and less of the work part for me! Ok, honestly, the work is fun for me also...
anyway, I am excited to say that we have already filled up
and we started taking names for a waiting as of the first of the month.

I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces,
sewing projects and a lot of laughter!

Here are a couple of group shots of the girls.
Now, I need to start working on my projects I have planned to demonstrate there.
Virginia is always in charge of the Mystery Quilt project and I have a couple of small projects to
show the girls and then a large project also. Last year our main project was, my favorite: Dresden Plates!
It's still a surprise... so I can't tell you the projects yet.

Here is a little project that I thought would be fun...

I found it over at Sew 4 Home. I know these fabrics look familiar! I was going to wait to show you this until I had whipped one up out some of my Fig Tree leftover fabrics but I just had to share it now!
I am in need of new pillows- a seriously overlooked part of my decorating.

Have you ever been to Quilting in the Garden? It's at Alden Nursery in Livermore CA.
Last year Joanna of Fig Tree fame was their featured quilter.
This year Sue Nickels will be the featured quilter. It's September 25 & 26
and I am making plans to go there! They have classes too. There will be several amazing celebrities there: Alex Anderson, Denise Sheenan, A Graceful Stitch, Elizabeth of Late Bloomer, Tracy Souza of Plum Cute Designs to name a few! I can't imagine not seeing Pam Kitty Morning there! I'm not sure which will be more exciting to see... all the quilts or all the quilters I admire!
There is a wonderful quilt shop nearby also, In Between Stitches, which is in Quilt Sampler magazine, the Spring issue, right now! Hmmm, more fun there!

Right now I am trying to put together a list of quilts that I might want to enter into our County Fair.
For the life of me... I can only think of  a couple that are actually finished right now!  and a couple that aren't finished... that I might have a chance of getting done. The deadline to enter is August 7th. Quilts have to be at the fairgrounds on August 20th. But the fair isn't until Labor Day weekend.
Help me out if you can think of any I have blogged about that might be contenders! 
I will have to show you my quilt that won Best of Show there before. Next time.


Cyndi said...

You are most definitely a busy little bee! That retreat sounds like fun, and I think they are pretty darn lucky to have someone as talented and creative as you putting it all together!

Very, very cute pillow. I think I'm going to have to go over to Sew4Home and check that out.

And...I'm sure you are going to have plenty of quilts for the about any of the ones you finished for the wedding?



Denise :) said...

It sounds like fun ... and a lot of work in the making! Glad you have help to *keep* it fun! :)

PunkiePie said...

You are busy! I want to come to your retreat! :(

I saw that pillow too and I want to make it myself. Maybe I can put one together with the leftover fabric from Amelia's quilt (that's STILL not done! GRRRR!).

Sherri said...

The retreat sounds like so much fun...the view out that window is incredible. And Quilting in the Garden sounds amazing as well. Is there an on-line source where you can find info on the event and classes?

Nicole said...

Talk about having a lot of irons in the fire! I am definitely not going to miss Quilting in the Garden this year. Your retreat sounds fabulous! I used to organize a retreat on my own every year, and it got to be such a head ache. I simply could not collect the money for the deposit by the time I needed it! And I hated being a nag to everyone.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

It sounds like you have a lot of fun things coming up. I'll be teaching at a retreat soon, and I'm not sure what to expect, because I've never actually been to one!

Julie said...

Boy does that sound fun! Love the little pillow!

Thelma said...

OMG, that Quilts in Garden retreat sounds too good to be true, lucky you. I would LOVE to meet all the featured ladies. I'll be looking forward to hearing all about it and don't forget your camera!

How do you work, participate in so many swaps, plan a retreat AND have time to sew? Really, I want to know!