Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And, And, And

This would look so great in my bedroom...
unfortunately it is not mine.
Donna from Bear Paw Quilts just finished this sweet quilt.

I love the scallops and if you look closely you can see that the lights are
log cabin blocks... modified.
I am nearly finished with my butterfly quilt.

I had asked on a previous post whether or not to make it larger...
it had been only 3 rows but with wider columns in between.
I did decide to go bigger.  (When in doubt always go bigger).
I like it better now. But it still needs an outer border on it.
I'm going to go with a black tonal for the outer border.
In a couple of weeks my quilt guild will be having a quilt show.
I am in charge of getting donations and making up raffle baskets for
the show. I have been so stressed out over it!
Unfortunately this year has been horrible for getting response from
companies. I sent out the same number of letters requesting a donation for our show...
 as I had 2 years ago, for our last show (60 to be precise).
In 2009 I had gotten about a 20 percent response from companies which I thought was
pretty good. I was able to make 8 baskets from the items that were sent.
This time I got 5 responses total.
I know that the economy is poor and that you can't expect the same companies to
give time after time.
 I am so grateful for the people who did send items.
Bunny Hill has always been extremely generous and so has Amy Butler.
Fig Tree and Co. was wonderful and sent a donation to me this year also along with Fat Quarter Shop.
Moda just sent a little something too!
What is really  great-- is that this time, the different "circles" within our guild
 got together and made up sweet little
baskets that we can raffle off at the show. I am so relieved,
I thought I might have to resort to raffling off my husband  stash!

Here is one with a table runner and some picnic type items.

Another one with a picnic theme... love the ants!

This one is a garden theme. It is filled with fat quarters of floral fabrics,
a table topper and even comes with a gnome!
This one has a garden theme as well... and blogger did not
cooperate with me... so you will have to turn your heads to view the picture.

People have been stopping by my office dropping them off for me, so I can package them up nicely
and prepare them for the show. I have several more at home ... one of them has an Italian dinner theme including a black and white quilt and a bottle of wine! The girls all were creative and certainly were
a godsend! I think the raffle baskets will be a successful part of the quilt show after all!
Shew! And I get to keep my husband!

And.... Now for my newsflash...

This is a new book by Carrie that will be released at the end of September.
Did you all already know about this???  If you did, then it's only a newsflash for me!


Dianne said...

I did NOT know about that new book! FUN!!!!

Gretchen said...

How very clever and wonderful to do theme baskets for the guild. Hope it goes well. Can I just say squeeee for Carrie's new book! I better get busy on the first one LOL!

Michele said...

I love the butterfly quilt! I can't wait to see the finished project. :-) Looking forward to Carrie's new book!

Linda said...

I love your butterfly quilt!!!!

New Schnibbles book...can't wait!!!

Jules said...

Your butterfly quilt is STUNNING!! I just love the fabric choices.

I think the raffle baskets your guild members made up are a super idea! Our 4-H clubs do that during the county fair and they seem to be a big hit. I think they'll bring great prices. Good job!

Darlene said...

Great baskets!

Yep - knew about the book. teehee!!!! It's going to be fabulous.

Carol said...

Those baskets are wonderful! You did an amazing job! Can't wait for Carrie's new book!

Vivian said...

Thanks for the newsflash, I didn't know there was a new Schnibbles book coming out!

I love the butterfly quilt. I am not sure about borders though -- I think this is one of those that can stand on its own without them. But just like with the size, it'll tell you what it wants!

Me and My Stitches said...

The baskets look wonderful - I'm sure they will go over well! I did not know about the book - newsflash for me too!

Megan said...

Good job pulling together the baskets and rounding up sponsors!! With scraps from the likes of Bunny Hill and Fig Tree, I'm sure the baskets will be a big hit. I had heard tell of a new Schnibbles book, but this is the first time I've heard a tentative release date. So exciting!!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Nope! News to me too! Great baskets!

Lisa D. said...

I love your butterflies! And yes, I knew about the book - that's my quilt on the cover! I can't wait to see all the rest of the quilts.

Rachel said...

I am in love with your butterfly quilt! The fabric you chose for the in between rows is so perfect and has such a neat light/dark effect. Thanks for sharing it with us!!