Friday, May 13, 2011

Eye Spy: Market Photos

Could this possibly be my first sightings of vendor booths at Market???
These were the pictures that I was actually really really hoping to see.
Sherri and made the quilt there to the left side for Lori Holt.
I absolutely love the fabrics and the pattern is so cute...

and this one here is even more adorable!
Seriously, I love that apron!
I have another pattern of Lori's that I had been meaning to make that is all aprons.
My head is spinning! I'll take one of each please!
(I believe that these photos were taken from the Material Girls booth.
I found them on line. )

For me, I am putting the final touches on the raffle baskets for my
 guilds' quilt show that starts tomorrow.
I yie yie! Busy busy with all of that, turning in my quilts, typing up lists and organizing
my ticket sales crew!
I am excited for our "once every two year" event. I haven't seen a lot of those
women from the guild for a long time. So it will no doubt be fun...
not to mention the vendor booths-- woohoo!
Our featured quilter this year is
Are you familiar with her work?
Here are some photos of her pieces.

 This one (above) hangs in a museum in France... well the last I knew it did anyway.
Her work is amazing.
She will be the Artist in Residence at Empty Spools conference in Asilomar in a couple of weeks.

I was able to work with Lura on a project called The Mandala 21st Century Project.
It's the worlds largest quilt. Measuring 70 meters by 50 meters.
(yeah, I don't know how to translate that... but ruffly half the
 size of a football field, or maybe its the full size of a football field)
It took 8 years to construct and 10,000 volunteers. It was finished in 2002.
People worked on this from all over the world.
We were the only group from the United States that contributed to the making of this quilt.
You can click on the link and see more photos. there is a grid photo and you can click on that to show you the sections. Each group completed one grid section.

Have a great weekend. I can't wait to come back and show photos of the quilt show...
which will only be second best to seeing the photos of Spring Market!

P.S. dear Blogger... what the heck happened??? and why did it have to go haywire this week?
don't you know we are sitting by the computer just waiting for glimpses of Market photos???


Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I love what I see of the quilt you and Sherri made. I haven't been on the computer in just EVER, so I'm hoping to catch up this weekend. Hope you have fun at the quilt show!

Betty Lou said...

Amazing quilts------painting with fabric! Market--wish we were there, I hope everyone post lots of pictures.

Sonia said...

one word.... WOW!! :)

Linda said...

Have fun at the quilt show...boy those quilts are amazing!

donna said...

The quilts are just wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You smart cookie. Yes, you spied the quilt market quilts early! They were in Nadine's booth, yep. Good for you.