Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm A Little Helper!

It was a nice, much cooler, weekend.
 I got home from work on Friday
with just enough time to do a little cleaning up,
put clean sheets on the guest bed, straighten up the other guest room...
no, I mean sewing room... and slip a an air matress in there!
And I got dinner in the works before the first of the kids arrived.
The rest of the weekend was relaxing and enjoying the company of
Although I didn't get any sewing done, I did help DDIL with trimming her quilts that came back from the
LAQ. There were 4 in all. 2 King size, 1 Queen and 1 Lap.
The poor girl's quilting days are slipping from a full speed into a small chug like
a car out of gas! She has terrible morning sickness, so I took pity on her and squared up the quilts.
We also picked out bindings for a couple of these.

Got those preped.
The blue quilt above is one of the huge ones.
She went crazy with my Material Obsessions II book.
The one below is adapted from the same book.

I really love this one (above). The centers of the blocks all have yoyo's.
She used nothing but scraps for her "summer quilt production".
So, they were virtually free quilts!
Including the one below.

This quilt was a free pattern from Piece n quilt.

I got lucky with this one... Jill cut out double the amount of fabrics she needed...
so I got to make one too! Mine isn't this far along though!

I kept two of the quilts and will be spending a few of my evening hours doing the
binding work for Jilly Bean.  The least I can do for someone with
the dreadful morning sickness!
(Better her than me)!

We finished the weekend by going over to the lake,
enjoying the hot tub, the restaurants
 and waking up to this view.
Then, it was back to work!
It is Monday after all!
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Linda said...

What beautiful quilts! It's wonderful that you can share your quilting with your daughter! (and that you can help out right now!)

Cindy said...

She has made some gorgeous quilts!! How wonderful you can share the quilt love!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Beautiful quilts and you are a good MIL!

Kris said...

Hi Sinta,
Your daughter's quilts are all beautiful! And I am sorry to hear she is feeling poorly. I was terrible sick with all of my pregnancies. I can relate!! LOVE that view... YOu know I do!! I got your stuff on the retreat today. I will see what I can do. But first I must have child care lined up for my grandson, or I cannot attend.
It sounds divine....just lovely!!

Betty Lou said...

Beautiful quilts, DDIL is quilting up a storm. Hope she gets over the morning sickness, we all know that is the worst part of being pregnant. What a good MIL you are.

Laura said...

Her quilts are beautiful. (I have an aunt named Jill and I call her Jilly Bean, too) You are a sweet MIL.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Gorgeous quilts and you are so sweet to bind them!

ranette said...

LOVE those quilts! And I love the view from your room at the lake. I think I need to

You are a sweetie to help your DIL with the binding on her quilts.

Sandy said...

I agree. You have a very talented daughter. Mom must have taught her well! I hardily encourage everyone to go to verna's retreat. You could not give yourself a nicer present! And finally, what lake and where did you stay - so beautiful. Is that Tahoe?

Anne Heidi said...

The quilts are just gorgeous! Must be great to share the love of quilting with your daughter in law. Hope she gets over her morning sickness soon.

randi said...

wow! this is a great group of quilts. very nice!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Fun weekend.