Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More to Show & Tell

I did a few more things over the weekend.
I got to sew on more than my BOM Rehab blocks...
I got to finish my 22 inch Dresden blocks. All 13!
Now I just need to decide on what background fabric to put them on.


I am caught up on Pam Buda's block of the week.
These little 6" ers are so sweet!
Especially after the 22in. blocks!

I got out another BOM that is long overdue to be finished.
I have 7 blocks done. 7 down and only 5 more to go.
This is next for Rehab! I think this was the 2010 Designer Mystery from
Fat Quarter Shop. Bless them! I know they don't mean to exploit my weakness.

On Saturday the hubs and I had "our" first little outing since he has been home from
the hospital  Club VA International Resort and Spa!
We drove to one of our sons' home and got to meet his girlfriends' parents.
(OK, I am confused here... where do those apostrophes go)?
They were visiting from Oregon.
It was a very nice day.

I woke up during the night thinking that I talk way way too much!
Has that ever happened to you?
Iye yie yie!


Darlene said...

Holy smokin' sewing machine, Batman, you've been super busy!!!

applause, applause - take a bow, please!!!

Jean said...

Hmmmm, and you met the "girlfriends parents" hmmm? Sounds serious? You may have to be really busy soon hmm?
Seems I always "smell" weddings in the air! LoL... You have been busy, good for you! I do have a list if you would like more to do!
Jean C.

Carol said...

You have been a very busy girl! Lookin' great!