Monday, May 21, 2012

BOM Rehab! Didn't I See You There?

I have to say that there is good progress going on in the Rehab!

Since sewing IS therapy of sorts... in the Rehab you get to see visual proof of 
the progress you are making!
You girls are awesome!

Sherry has been busy over at Blessings From Our Nest.
This is just one of her accomplishments for the week!

This is from Celine at Esprit Patch blog... making progress on her It Just Takes Two project!
These are beautiful blocks. I love the way it is coming together. I think it would be a challenge to work with
just two colors in a quilt but the results are wonderful.

Here is part of the project that Kimberly is finishing up while working on another block!
The pattern is called Paris in the Fall.

This is how Marcella/Short Attention Span Girl is coming along with her 
baskets from Bunny Hill. Have those been on your list?
They have been on mine!!!

Just look at these fun stars! These are from Karen/Messy Karen blog.
I love that fabric! These are so cute... I am really anxious to see them
all together! Karen has more information on this BOM on her blog.
A certain somebody from Sister's Choice blog has block 11 finished
 now for her Peace on Earth BOM from FQS! 
I think this one will be a new favorite of Nicole's when it is all finished!

I had a little "redo" to do...
my block from last week had to be "unsewn". I had sewn the units and whipped it
up into a block lickity split...and of course,
without double checking I added it to last weeks Rehab finishes...
but I had one of the units... upside down!

 Notice the pink units around the center unit?
This is where I didn't catch myself.
Below you can see how it will actually look like a flower when it's together!

And that was all I got done for Rehab!
I did rearrange my sewing room...
mind you, the key word was rearrange... shuffling stuff...
a lot of stuff! I am sore! Lots of lifting and moving 
things that are bigger than me.
What I need to do is go back in there... put on my big girl pants
and start purging!
I need to let loose of  magazines, books, patterns, fabric... you name it.
 It is too big of
an endeavor to do all in one day...  or maybe even one weekend...
maybe this should be my goal for June.
Today I would rather play!


JoAnne said...

The rehab projects look great! Since I am moving, I recently did the big "purge" thing. I really find it much easier when you take smaller bites. For instance, do magazines one day, patterns another, and so forth. If you make it a huge project, it gets intimidating. I also like to listen to music or a good audiobook while I'm doing it. Good luck!

Darlene said...

No, you didn't see me there. Sigh - I seem to have forgotten how to use my sewing machine.

Maybe I'll get my act together this week. :-)

Thelma said...

I find that when I have a big job to tackle, breaking it up into time increments helps. Just do 30 minutes everyday, you'll be amazed how much you can do in 30 minutes.

Love all the blocks, I'm so glad you caught her boo boo before it got in the quilt!

Betty Lou said...

What a nice group of rehab projects. Sadly, I must admit, I have not been in rehab----think I must need an intervention. I am using up a lot of old dated stash.

Carol said...

I love the idea of BOM Rehab I really do but I can't seem to get time to get any blocks sewn. If I didn't have any other sewing to do maybe I could totally do it. Three day weekend coming up so who knows maybe I'll get some blocks done.

luv2quilt2 said...

I LOVE your flower blocks! What is the name of the pattern?

Kris said...

You inspire me!

Linda said...

What wonderful blocks...each and every one!!

Sherry said...

So many great blocks. I love your flower blocks. I did finally get my post done. Blogger won't work with my work computer. I will try to visit the others who keep at it.

Mary said...

Everyone did a wonderful job again! Doesn't fixing up our sewing spaces count as rehab? We have to be able to find things and have a place to sew in order to keep up.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Looks like you're having fun! I've been out of the loop (living under a rock) for a while, and had not heard about BOM Rehab. Great idea!