Monday, June 18, 2012

BOM REHAB - Just A Little Carried Away!

There are a few of you that made it to the Rehab over the 
weekend! I know... everyone was busy with Father's Day and 
BBQ's and trying to stay cool...
but a few of us managed to work on our BOM projects.
Some of us even got carried away!
Like Carol!

Carol went all out and finished 9 of her blocks for the DM BOM!
Amazing!!! I know it feels so good to see all of these adorable blocks 
done and sitting side by side! See what else she has been up to at Carol's Crafty Creations!

This was made by Celine at Esprit Patch in her Rainbow Scrap Challenge of the month!
She is making Bento Boxes.

Kim at A Peach in Stitches Quilting worked on her Bunny Hill project! This one is so cute...
with a snowman cupcake on a stand!

Did you get one of these?
I know I got my new BOM in the mailbox this week and I'm dying to work on it...
but I just wanted to focus a little bit longer on my Henrietta Whiskers
BOM. Last week I got the backgrounds all put together...
so this week I just needed to cut out shapes for the blocks.
I stole a little bit of time here and there and made a whole lot of
progress on it...... wanna see?

(still missing a tail)

(need a few more stars)

 (I will do the embroidery next week)

and then I will do a machine blanket stitch around everything using
pearl cotton through my machine! I learned how to do that
from Quilt Taffy. I love it... and you can use your regular 
thread in the bobbin too. 
Now... if you haven't got a BOM to do...
you might want to go look over at Shabby Fabrics!
They should be posting the newest one of their Country Cottages blocks right now!
(did I mention it is free)?


Carol said...

I love the colors you used for Henrietta Whiskers! Cleaver and cute.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Love lie lie the color scheme for HW!! What is the fabric line(s)??

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Oops! That is supposed to say love love love!!

Kris said...

Cute blocks!!! And thank you for saying hello to the lake for me!!!!!
: ) Kris

Kris said...

Cute blocks!!! And thank you for saying hello to the lake for me!!!!!
: ) Kris

Béa said...

Wow, very beautiful version of colours for Henrietta, so different !
I finished my Leap Year if you want to have a look XXX

Celine said...

I love the fabric you used for your Henrietta Whiskers. It is very delicate. What line is it? Well done your blocks are gorgeous. Can't wait to see them with the blanket stitch

Satu said...

I also love your fabrics for HW! It'll be a gorgeous quilt! I have been all too busy on the weekends... so no rehab party here:(... and I too wait an arrival of new DM2012 block.

marcella said...

Wow! You've really made great progress on your Henrietta Whiskers bom. It's looking really great. Must investigate that machine blanket stitch method for yet another unfinished bom project :-)

Mary said...

Is there a link to the Quilt Taffy directions for using pearl cotton in the machine? I love your Henrietta Whiskers top and can't wait to see it with the embroidery and blanket stitching done. Cute, cute, cute!!!

Anne Heidi said...

Wow, so many lovely blocks! And I LOVE your Henrietta quilt- it will be stunning!

debby warthen said...

I found your blog by looking for AYOS. I have been in Scnibbles heaven lately, making some of the patterns I have had FOREVER! Can anyone join AYOS, and do i have to wait until the next round? I also love the BOM Rehab as i have a few of those I am working on to finish, and doing the FQS 2012 Mystery BOM!

Thelma said...

Sinta! Great job and amazing progress on your Henrietta blocks, they are adorable! I hope you do a tutorial on machine appliquéing those pieces. I'm amazed by what you can accomplish on little bits of time!

Vivian Helena said...

Love looking at your blog, but wonder how you get it all done..

Thanks for stopping by mine. Yes, the prayer flags are fun.

Would love to work on projects like yours,, I think I have some UFO"s, that could use some applique.. One of these days..

Love it all, guess that is the problem!. hugs. v