Monday, June 11, 2012

BOM Rehab...I Ran Away but I Wasn't Alone!

I had a nice little get away time...
mid-week I took some time off and went to Livermore
to help my son and DDIL with the baby while they
finished up school.
(him, the credential program and her, teaching/finals)
So that meant a perfect opportunity for grandma and baby bonding!
We did manage a little outing...
to the Farmer's Market one evening...
with a little side trip to the LQS!

Here is Melissa from In Between Stitches and us! The baby loved all
the eye candy in the store. Melissa just became an Aunt last week!
(please don't make fun of my clothes... I obviously need to learn to pack more
options to wear when I will be holding a baby that spits up... I think she got me every time)!

There were several of us at BOM Rehab!
It was good to see you there! And if you weren't there...
feel free to join us... no Doctor's orders are necessary!

Celine at Esprit Patch was busy working on her embroidery. I love the
quote here!
"Success is not to succeed but to try".
Good words to remember!

Carol from Carol's Crafty Creations was back in the Rehab and
it looks like she got a couple of things accomplished!
She inspired me with her Henrietta Whiskers blocks that she was working on!

This is Anne from Bunny Hill... I found this picture from Market somewhere...
do you see the new block of the month behind her? umhmm, she is at it again!

Cheryl at Dots To You made another block in her Designer Mystery BOM!
(note to self: get your hands on as much of that fabric as you can)

Debbie   at Ti's the Season blog made another block for her Christmas BOM.
It's a beautiful block! She has 12" and 6" blocks to work with.

Here we have another Christmas block and this one is from Fiona!
She is at  Quilting Fairy blog! Love these snowmen!!!
I think this one is a Bunny Hill BOM. 

Jennifer finished two of her blocks here!
They are from the Little Miss Shabby BOM.
So cute! I have been seeing some finished quilts
lately of this BOM... so adorable.
Jennifer doesn't have a blog but is joining in with us now in the

Awk! Can you stand these sweet prim baskets?!? 
These were made by Marcella... she is moving right along with this project!

Here is what Sherry from Blessings from Our Nest blog made in the BOM Rehab this week!
It's another Christmas project. I love the embroidery projects.

Oh and lookie here! This is a finished Designer Mystery BOM 
completed by Kim at A Peach in Quilting blog. Awesome. 
I love this setting . It's so fun. 

And now, I told you that I was inspired by Carol and I wanted to 
make the Bunny Hill BOM from last year.
I got started and thought I would at least make a background or two...
but then I got carried away and didn't want to keep pulling out fabrics to see if 
this month coordinated with that month yada yada...
and before you know it... I had all the backgrounds done.
I saw a sweet version on Anne Sutton's Flikr group and I am
kind of going with those colors and just adding in a hint of Fall.
I even traced off my applique pieces. But I am not going to applique 
this project. I am going to go ahead and fuse the pieces.
I have another applique project coming up... and that will keep me busy enough.
I am pretty new to it... and consequently... pretty slow at it too!


Cheryl said...

Nothing like grandma time...such a sweet picture. So many inspiring rehabers!!! Thanks Sinta!!

Carol said...

No better time in the world then grandma time...I'm with mine right now and happy as a clam...the Best!

marcella said...

Oh, really nice collections of blocks from everyone this week - and a top! You look just great in the picture and that is one of my favorite quilt shops. The background you made for the Henrietta Whiskers quilt are lovely. Can't wait to see it further along; fusing should go fairly fast.

Debbie said...

Love your background fabrics...After seeing those and Carol's block, maybe I'll pull mine back out and work on it some...Think I got the first 4 done before it got pushed to the side! Boy I need more rehab!

Needled Mom said...

Grandma time is worth all the spitting!

I loved seeing all of the rehab work.

ytsmom said...

First off, you look too young to be a Grandma!! Second, I love the way your head is tipped, just look you profile picture when you were young! Some things never change.

Anita said...

I love everyone's blocks and In Between Stitches too! Melissa is a sweetie as is her staff! Cute seeing you in a local shop :)

Linda said...

Glad you got to get away and see your wee much fun!! Lots of wonderful blocks and projects there...I enjoyed them all!!

Anne Heidi said...

So many great blocks- and I really like your Henrietta background blocks- lovely fabrics!
Such a lovely picture with all of you at the quilt shop- looks like everone is having a good time! (and it looks like a wonderful shop as well!!!)
By the way I am digging out that FQS finishing kit today- maybe I'll get that 2009 quilt done soon- thanks for the inspiration

Helen said...

It's always so fun to see what everyone is doing in BOM Rehab.

I like where you are going with the Anne Sutton BOM. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project.

I'm glad you had some quality grandma time.

Sue said...

What a wonderful picture ! I would love to visit that quilt shop one day.

StitchinByTheLake said...

First of all, what a precious baby! And what wonderful embroidery - all of it. I do love embroidery and applique both but I'm partial to embroidery. Great post! blessings, marlene

Sherry said...

I was inspired by all of the creative people completing their blocks of the month. You accomplished a lot with getting all of those background blocks done. I love the fabrics you used.