Monday, June 25, 2012

A Celeb Is In The REHAB!

We had a special guest in the BOM Rehab
this weekend!
I can give you a hint...
she isn't "the Queen",
but she is "A Queen",
our queen of block of the months!

Here she is....

(photo found from FQS photos at Market)

It is Anne Sutton herself!
You will notice that a lot of the rehab projects have her name written all
over them! 
Even the first block in the new Designer Mystery BOM by Fat Quarter Shop.
Anne designed that one too!
And if we didn't have enough to keep us entertained...
Ms. Bunny Hill has designed a new block of the month that I would like to share with you...

(phto borrowed from FQS)
Yes, yes, it's adorable... and it's made with the new Fig Tree fabric line.
And yes, yes, it's available at Fat Quarter Shop.
Do you see the cute little pumpkin cars around the border? It's just too cute!

And guess what?
Anne has offered this sweet bundle of her new line of fabric, Windsor Lane,
for our giveaway prize...
 to our BOM Rehab-ers for this month!!!
I will pick a winner and announce her name tomorrow!
(just so I can make sure I have everyone "in" the drawing for this month's prize)!
Don't you love it? 

Here is my block for this week.
I decided to hold off on the new BOM and finish up my very old Mystery BOM.
I can't even remember what year this one is from! Maybe it's 2010? 2011?

Here is block nine.
I am happy to add to this group. That means that I only have
3 more to complete!!! That's only one row!
 I am excited to get this one finished.
Has anyone else made this BOM?
Do you have pictures of  it and how you finished it?
I don't know how I want to set it yet.
 So I could use some

 Here is Carol's DM BOM block #1!!!
Does that block look big or does it make Buster look small?

 This is Fiona's block... she completed it last week but forgot to send me
a photo. This is block #3 finished for her Bunny Hill BOM.
For this week we have....
Yeah Fiona!

Next up....

Nicole finished up blocks #1 and #2 of her DM BOM! 
These blocks are so cute... I just don't get tired of seeing them!

Here is Sandra's block for her KT BOM project!
These are coming together so beautifully!

This one is from Satu. keeping right on schedule for 
the new BOM! Block 1 here... block one done!

And Cheryl has two rows completed of the DM BOM 
from Fat Quarter Shop! One more row to go!!!

And here is one more made by Sherry at Blessings from our Nest.
These are the sweetest embroidery blocks she is working on!

We also have some flying geese by Celine at Esprit Patch.
This is for her color of the month BOM. This month is Yellow!

Carol has got some real motivation going on here!
She is all caught up on her Cotton Club blocks now...
and just for good measure...
she even finished the first month's block in the
Carol... you did an amazing job on all of these blocks!

This is a finished Love Letters BOM from Jennifer.
She had made it as an anniversary present for her husband...
but just now completed it with the final borders! It's beautiful!!!

I'll be back tomorrow with the name of the June Rehab winner!
I also have a list of projects that I plan on doing this summer.
Thelma has a list of her Summer Fun... so I thought I would do the same.
I didn't have to look far for the projects to put on my list! 
Which sewing room is a mess... projects are everywhere I turn!
I need to organize! Maybe that should be FIRST on my list!


Linda said...

I need to go to rehab!! BOM rehab that is!!! Lol. I have never finished a BOM I started. Only 3, and 2 are close. Yikes. I am doing the Primitive Gatherings Block of the Week...maybe I will have more luck. HAAA!!!! I have enjoyed every post. Seeing everyone's progress is inspiring.

Michele said...

BOM rehab is something I could benefit from; another week, another project seems to be the way I roll.... the pumpkin bom is so cute I just may have to add it to my list.

Andee said...

I am not doing the BOM rehab, but am following many of the participants' progress. I finished the Designer Mystery BOM and gifted it to my parents last Christmas here it is all done!

Nicole said...

I am pretty sure Thelma made that Christmas BOM for her daughter. She changed things up a bit, like she always does, and it turned out cute as can be. Drop her a line, I am sure she will share her thoughts.

LesQuilts said...

Congratulations to all!
I'm slowly working on a few BOMs, but each week, it is Monday and too late to send or post about progress!
Good luck to all in the draw!
Take care, Leslie

Cathy said...

I love seeing what everyone is working on. I am working on Anne's Henrietta's BOM. Now I need to finish it. Hugs

Carol said...

I signed up for the Pumkonville BOM, love the pumpkin cars. How awesome to have a prize donated by Anne. The Christmas BOM is 2010 and I still need to make those blocks. Good for you getting them done.

Carol said...

Obviously I can't spell, of course I meant Pumkinville.

Ulla's Quilt World said...

The quilts are so lovely! :)
Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)

Helen said...

I'm inspired by all the great projects. I'm hoping that I will finally get back to rehab next week. I'm jealous of all the progress everyone is making.

Sherry said...

Wow,this Rehab has been an inspiration to many. So many blocks completed. I love the Christmas blocks you are working on. I am inspired as always.