Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Fun and A BOM Rehab Winner!

(if you want, you can skip to the bottom to see who the winner of this Bunny Hill
 Windsor Lane fat quarter bundle is... or save it for a surprise latter.)

Last Wednesday was Summer Solstice and Thelma 
came up with a plan to work on several projects.
She called her list her Summer Fun!

I want to join in the Summer Fun and
I started my list of projects:
My first ever SERIOUS applique project!
I have had this book since it came out... but now it's time to tackle it!

 Next on my list is this quilt.
Le Petit from Fig Tree Quilts

It is taking me forever to sew those handles on the baskets...
it has traveled  with me every where this year so far and now it's 
ready to assemble. That is with one drawback. Somewhere in my travels
I have lost two blocks. The good news is that while I was rummaging through
things trying to decide what to put on my Summer Fun list...
I found one of the blocks. And even though that seems better than thinking
that the blocks got lost in some hospital waiting room or fell out of my car...
somehow, knowing that it is somewhere in my sewing room... doesn't give me 
any greater hope of finding it.

My next project is the Dolly Dresses panel.
My plan is to embellish a dress with a theme for each month .

 Next, I need to finish this Yoyoville, from Bunny Hill, once and for all.
This is another case where I lost the houses for the border...
you guessed it...
somewhere in my sewing room!
My guess is that while I was ":cleaning up" I threw them out.
So I need to give up looking, pull up my big girl panties, start over and make new houses. 

Dancing Dollies is also on my list.
I started cutting this one out to make it up in Holiday fabrics... but then I saw this one...

by the way... tons of inspiration there)

and  now I want to do both!
Maybe I should just do a smaller version of both and that would equal one!
This will be my 347th Fig Tree project... does that qualify me to be a Joanna groupie???

 I have these two jelly rolls set aside to make
lap quilts for a couple of wounded soldiers that I made friends with 
earlier this year while at the VA hospital. This is something to do that is very close to my 
heart and I would like to work on these first.
I have been wanting to make a new summer purse too.
A must on my Summer Fun list!
But now there is one more thing I HAVE to add to my list...
Image of Bounce ~ RQC No. 118 ~ Paper
I am in love! Bounce is in the house!
I know I am going to seem like a Thelma groupie now...
but seriously... I have to do this one!
You saw hers didn't you? The only thing holding me back is that 
I might have to wait for the fabric I want to use... it hasn't been released yet.
We already know that I am a Miss Rosie groupie... that ship has sailed! No hope there.

Now it's time to pick the June winner for the BOM REHAB!!!!

Anne of Bunny Hill Designs was absolutely wonderful to donate the prize for us
this month! This is Windsor Lane. It's her new fabric line... coming soon to a store near you!
But one lucky person doesn't have to wait....

Carol from Carol's Crafty Creations is the
 winner of the Windsor Lane fabric bundle!
Congratulations Carol!!!

Oh wait... I forgot to mention two more for my Summer Fun list...
 I want to finish Swoon (only one block completed) and also make French Vintage!


Strlady said...

Oh Sinta! I can definitely relate to the "It is taking me forever to sew those handles on the baskets..." comment. I am working on a Fig Tree pattern as well (Petit Four) and I have ONE more basket handle to attach. It's been in my WIP list FOREVER! It also has traveled with me all over the place. I was thinking last night that I'll be lost with out a traveling hand project.
I also fell in love with Carrie's new project after Thelma's reveal. Bounce is a must have.
I need to join in that Summer Fun. My Summer will need to be called WIP rehab. Finishing is a goal this summer. I am starting with those darn baskets!

Carol said...

Oh Sinta you are going to have tons of fun this summer! Love all your fun projects! YIPPEE for Carol!

Darlene said...

OMG, I missed BOM Rehab this week - very busy Monday in my house.

Carol is going to be so excited with her BIG win.

I love your Summer sewing plans. You have two projects on your list that I've been wanting to make, too. teehee!!!

Carol said...

That's so awesome! Thanks Sinta and thank you Anne. I'm so excited.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Congratulations Carol!

Betty Lou said...

Congratulations Carol on winning the awesome give-away. I was amazed at your post Sinta that the winner sent describing the amount of quilting that she has done and then I saw it was Carol of Carol's Crafty Creations and I knew "Yep, that's Carol alright."

Carrie said...

ROFL Are you waiting for Chicopee too? Or some other wonderful thing that I'm sure I'll need?

I think my favorite thing about Bounce is the name. It just makes me happy. :)

Summer Fun! I've got a list of projects too, including a few that are "just for my own entertainment". I look forward to seeing what you make!

Anita said...

Okay kind of eerie that I'm a Joanna groupie, Thelma groupie and Rosie groupie too! I also want to make that Country Inn quilt but am stuck on the fabric for backgrounds, don't want to copy Thelma but may have to :) Yoyoville started, and I have the dancing dollies on my to do list too! Hopefully you getting started on these will motivate me to get moving!

trish @ notes of sincerity said...

Such a fun list of projects! Those little doll dresses are so sweet. :0)
Congratulations to the lucky girl who won!! Have a great week. xo

Wendy said...

I read Thelma's post on Summer Fun, and even though I never thought to call it that, that is exactly what I am doing. I have set things up at the cottage and I am having a ball. I actually posted about some of my finishes yesterday along with this month's Schnibbles, cause you are not alone on the ship...I am a huge Carrie fan as well. I loved todays post, very energetic. I like that!

Thelma said...

LOL, that's quite a list, but it all looks fun to me! I think your idea about a monthly theme dolly dress is so clever! French Vintage and Bounce are easy and fast projects, you'll get through them easily, just quit hiding your blocks! If I just had to remake new blocks, house blocks would be my choice! Enjoy each one, again!

Mary said...

Congratulations to Carol!

If you ever feel the need to come to Portland, please visit me. Hollyhill is my local quilt shop and I'd be glad to take you on a tour. It's overflowing with charm and ideas - and a lot of quilts in the 'I really have to make that next' category.

I love the quilts on your list. You're going to have some beautiful things when you finish!!!

Carrie P. said...

You certainly have plenty to keep you busy.
congrats to carol.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Congratulations to Carol! My goodness you have an ambitious list! Good luck! If there were say, 3 of me, I might try to keep up, but no way! LOL I have made the Amy Butler bag twice~ it is a fun one. Have a happy day!