Monday, October 8, 2012

BOM Rehab- Were You There?

Fall is in the air! 
I have been waiting for this since about mid-summer!
I hope you are enjoying a nice change in the season also.
I got a few things checked off my list over the weekend.

I remembered a Mystery BOM from Quilt Soup that I had signed up for.
I do love Quilt Soup fabrics and patterns.
This block of the month is mostly all applique but
the pieces are large and simple. It's a perfect time to start on this project.
There is another applique project that I am 
about to start up and since I am 
a total beginner at applique I think that the one project should help be 
fine tune a little bit and make the other project,
 Evening Blooms by Blackbird Designs,
a little bit easier for me.
Here is my start on my Mystery BOM.

I have been needing to get my project samples ready 
for the retreat I host. It will be the weekend of the 19th this year.
The first project is a spider web quilt.
I like the way it turned out. I didn't want it to be very scrappy but
I think if I make one again I would like make one scrappy... but maybe 
just use all polka dot fabrics. I seem to need some control on these!
I wanted to see how it would work with just using a jelly roll.
And here is how it turned out.

My other project is a Cathedral Windows pillow.
It is suppose to take a 14" pillow form but I had to squeeze 
the form in it.

I am going to make up a second pillow and change the last step a little...
but at least I have this one to start with.  
Oh, and
I have to share this with you...

I had been in my local grocery store and they had this as a display piece.
It had "spray" butter in it and was displayed next to the corn in the produce area.
I asked them what they were going to do with it at the end of the season...
one thing lead to another and I got a phone call a couple of weeks latter to
come and pick it up. I think it's really cute. I love the wire frame and the apple basket...
it even has wheels. I might remove the wood sign...  I think it's cute. 
Not that I needed one more thing for my sewing room... 
but as you can see, it is already serving a purpose.

What did you do over the weekend? Were you in BOM Rehab?


Celine said...

one more block finished for my Super Mario quilt along this week-end! Yeah... slowly very slowly I'll get there. Hope you had a nice time...

Sue said...

I Started my A DAY IN GIVERNY quilt and pieced the first set of blocks.

I love your spider web quilt & the Christmas pillow is adorable !

WOW I really like that basket on wheels , so nice of them to let you have that

Debbie said...

What a great basket! Enjoy your retreat

Cheryl said...

Wonderful basket, and happy retreat!!!

Michele said...

That basket was a great find! Lucky you :-)

Anonymous said...

I have wanted to do a Cathedral Window 'something'. A pillow case would be a great start. I'll keep a note about your first attempt and making it a bit larger just in case.

merumo said...

Your post reminded me of how BOM is fun! I haven't signed up for any for a while, but now you got me going... lol

Nanette Merrill said...

That mario block is amazing. I like them all. Great cart! you are smart to ask for it