Friday, April 5, 2013

I've Been Canning Already!

I had found this post for making dish towels embellished with
Ball Jars on a blog called Flamingo Toes. She called  it
"Can It".

I thought it was such a cute idea... but since right now all my thoughts
are centered around finishing my quilts for the quilt show...

I used her idea, but made quilt labels instead.
Dish towels will have to wait a little bit.
Here are photos of my process this morning.
(I got up early) I still have some embellishing to do... these are
still in process.

It took me all week to catch up with my "last weekend" goals.
It was Easter and I didn't get much of anything done in my sewing room
at all. However, this week I got  bindings done for 3 quilts. I haven't been able to
get photos of those yet. I have a location in my mind... so it might take me a day or two
to work out the logistics.
I also got
my Milky Way prepared and handed it over to my LAQ.
I finished the border of Dancing Dollies... and will be finishing putting the borders
on that quilt this weekend. My other goal for this weekend is
to get sleeves prepared for my quilts that need them...
which is probably most of them.
It will be a good way to use up fabrics that I'm not so fond of.
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Izzy said...

Those labels are so cool! Love that idea.

Betty Lou said...

So cute and useful, a lot more fun than canning.

Anonymous said...


Wendy Ouellette said...

Cute idea!

Anonymous said...

Cute labels! Are they to put next to the quilts when they hang? You really are busy!!!

Sue said...

What adorable labels !!! Love them !

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Snazzy labels Sinta!

Scrappyendings said...

What a great project! Thank you for sharing.

Sherrill said...

Ummm, HOW many quilts are you putting in the show?!! That's a LOT of labels. VERY cute!!

Cindy said...

Love the labels, Sinta. What are they printed on? Cute idea for putting on the back of a gifted mug rug or placemat set.