Monday, May 13, 2013

Katrina's Stash

Another thing I was able to adopt last was some fabric

that was kind of at a quilter's estate sale. Her parents 
had everything categorized and nicely priced. I picked up a
few things... some 30's, batiks, baby flannel, and some shabby chic.
I also was able to purchase a wedding ring quilt top... for $20. 
There was an overwhelming amount of fabric 
on the porch there was no less than 50 bins of yarn.
I couldn't help but think, 
and want to run home and clean out my sewing room!

8 friends stopped by to chat:

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Sweet! ;-)

Hildy said...

Cute fabrics!

Patricia Lessell said...

Isn't it sad though that somebody's daughter passed away? But love most of the fabrics you got I must admit.

gailss said...

Oh...nice finds and a bit sad when quilters sell of fabrics from family members, but great finds ;)

Wendy said...

Great find on beautiful fabrics. Makes me want to clean out as well.

Anonymous said...

I would have to think that my husband wouldn't have a clue as to what my stash is worth. I guess I need to write something into my Last Will and Testament - so they don't just get thrown out. Did a daughter pass away, or was the mother a quilter too?

Cindy said...

Oh my word....nuff said.

Michele said...

WaHoo! Great finds:-)