Monday, August 12, 2013

A Highlight of the Weekend

A weekend that started with this man singing to me...
and to the other 457 people at a small outdoor venue
just 8 minutes from my home, makes for a good start.

I managed to do a lot of sewing on Saturday...
trying out my new sewing table. 
Which I enjoyed very much!
The table hasn't made it into my sewing room upstairs yet...
so I had to bring my project down to it.
But that worked out just fine.
I made the Juggle quilt by Thimble Blossoms out of
the pre-cut hexagons. It was a sweet little project. 
It went together nicely. And in just a few hours.
Sorry, no picture yet though.

Yesterday we had Evie with us to enjoy.

The real highlight of my week!

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Jeanna said...

So glad your sewing table is working out well. Can't wait to see pictures of your Juggle quilt.

Evie is just to cute :)