Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cards Anyone? How About a Parade?

How about both?
I feel like I have been on the losing side of some serious 
"card playing"... I keep getting dealt bad hands!
I have returned from my trip and have returned to
something resembling normal...
and I will save my no computer access story for tomorrow.

Whenever I hear Canasta... I am taken back in time
to when I use to play that card game
with my grandma, hours on end, day in and day out.

I enjoy playing card games and board games as well.
I am sure it was because of all the quality time
I had with my grandma... Mayme.

I was so happy to see this pattern from Carrie, (Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.)
Thank you Carrie for once again coming up with 
a NEW favorite Schnibbles!

Who doesn't love basket blocks anyway?

I'm sure you are going to love this parade and if you haven't made 
this Schnibbles pattern yet... you might be regretting it by the
end of the parade!

But before we get started with that...
let me tell you what we will be working on 
Here is what Sherri at A Quilting Life and I have picked for you:


Here is what you will need to get started:
2 charm packs
3/4 yd background and outer border
Carrie will have a pdf version available on her web store by now!
Just checked, yes, it's there!

Michele at Island Life Quilts
made this pretty little Canasta quilt.
I love the background fabrics as much as the
baskets themselves!

Mary in Michigan

Sally made her Canasta using Sweet Romance by
Blackbird Designs. It is sweet and romantic!

Patty at A Stitch in Time has a beautiful backdrop
to show off her gorgeous Canasta quilt! I love 
the change she made to the border!

I am showing Lincoln of Paulette's because 
I didn't get it into the last parade for some reason.

Here is Paulette's quilt of Canasta for this month...
she has forgiven me!
Isn't it so soft, sweet and vintage looking?

Here is a sweet little Canasta made by Susan.
Her little blocks are so cute! I like how she is finishing it off 
with the diagonal pieced fabrics that were used in the blocks!

Thelma at Cupcake n' Daisies made a
beautiful group of baskets in
her version of Canasta!
Even a bikini basket!
Yeah, you will know it when you see it!

This red and white beauty was created by Nancy!

Nicole  at Sister's Choice is back! And she made a spooky version of 
Canasta to celebrate a changing of seasons!

Here is a little gem made by Sandy F.
How sweet is this?!?

Here is a super sweet red and white version
I think I might have to make this one up again as 
a two color quilt!

Tilda made a beautiful version of Canasta...
love the mix of colors here!

Adorable! Seriously, a-dor-able!
This Canasta was made by
Sandie at Crazy 'bout Quilts!

To finish off the parade we have a striking version of
Wendy's Canasta quilt. I love the elegant look and 
the way the inner border and binding finishes it off so

That's the parade... thanks so much for waiting, and waiting, and waiting for
me to get my fingers back onto a keyboard and get this finished!
I will be back tomorrow with parade prizes!!! Promise!

Well, I might be back sooner if there was anyone I missed!

18 friends stopped by to chat:

Mary Caldwell said...

Thank you Sinta for hosting the parade. Another month of gorgeous quilt eye candy.

Michele said...

Hi Sinta! A lovely parade as always :-) Thanks for sticking with the parade despite all of the hurdles you had to go through to get it going this month! I hope you have a relaxing weekend :-)

Nicole said...

Thank you Sinta for the super parade! What a line up of fabulous quilts. I love your choice for next month as well, and will have to rummage around and see what fabrics I can come up with!

JoAnne said...

Thanks for the parade! They are all so wonderful. I've got my fabric chosen already for the next one. It's good to have you back!!

Tilda H said...

Its all up from here!!!! Nothing but rainbows from now on! Thank you for the parade....everyone did a fabulous job!!! And my blog link is:

For anyone that wants to stop by!
Thank you and I LOVE the new pattern! Already bought mine and I am selecting my charm packs.

lovetostitch said...

I would be hard pressed to select just one - fun, fun, fun!! thanks for hostessing!!

Wendy said...

Oh I do love a parade! Thanks for soldiering on despite all the roadblocks. You are a trooper! Looking forward to the next one. Sit back, take a breather, you deserve it.
Wonderful job ladies on all the parade entries..after hearing some very disturbing news today, this was a ray of sunshine.

Lesley said...

Beautiful parade of quilts! They are all so beautiful!

Linda said...

You rock, Sinta!!! Thank you for posting such a fabulous parade!!!!

Carol said...

Sorry about your computer problems. I remember Canasta card game too. Love everyone's basket quilts. It was a fun one.

Sherri said...

Love them all!!!

Kim said...

It's good to see you back in Blogland! I love a good parade!

Satu said...

Lovely parade, Sinta Renee! And you were right, now I really regret that I didn't finish mine in time... but I got A LOT of boost to finish it someday;o)

Mary said...

Love this Parade! I hope things are settling down for you a bit too.

Andee said...

As Always, a great parade. I do like the next pattern and just might have to join in again!

Andee said...

As Always, a great parade. I do like the next pattern and just might have to join in again!

Jeanna said...

Always so much fun to see the different versions of the Schnibbles. All of these are great!

Sherry said...

I enjoyed the parade and am inspired to get busy and finish my Canasta schnibbles. I love making the blocks but having trouble finding the time.