Sunday, September 1, 2013

We Dropped the Ball!

Well, by now you have figured out that our parade just isn't going to happen today.
Sometimes it gets pretty close to the wire were  Sherri and I are working diligently 
on the parade. Sometimes one of us is super busy and the other
one will pick up the slack and it all just seems to work out in the end.
Not so much today though.
We both have dropped the ball.
Lots of external activities, deadlines and what have you
.. and neither one of us 
can actually pull this off... so we are throwing up our hands in defeat
and made the decision to postpone
our Canasta Parade until Tuesday.
I hope you all understand.. 

Thank you to everyone of you that already got your Canasta made and 
sent us a link. Anyone else who needs a few extra hours... here is your chance!

Please forgive us, we are so sorry to make you wait!

See you Tuesday!

10 friends stopped by to chat:

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

It is a holiday weekend, enjoy! Tuesday will be fine, but I am dying to know the new pattern.

Brenda said...

I will miss the parade this month. My Canasta won't be finished until Wednesday. August was to busy for me with getting three kids off to college and then the holiday weekend. Life happens to all of us. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

Karen O said...

This worked out well for me! It is a holiday weekend and I am glad you are waiting so you can enjoy it.

Wendy said...

Oh Sinta, ths is supposed to be fun, we totally understand that life gets busy and sometimes things just don't go as we plan them. It is just a slight delay, nothing earth shattering. Relax, enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend and then when all the busyness is over we can all sit with a nice cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the parade....because parades are fun! See you Tuesday!

Mary Caldwell said...

No worries. Enjoy your weekend~!

Izzy said...

Enjoy your weekend Sinta! A tually, this is perfect for me because I was only able to finish mine yesterday and now it can be in the parade. :-)

Rebecca Stevens said...

We know they will all be worth waiting for. Enjoy your holiday week-end!!

JoAnne said...

Do you mean that instead of having the post-parade letdown (EXACTLY like the post Christmas letdown you experienced when you were 8) I get to anticipate for a couple more days?! Yea! Also, maybe some other people will have a chance to finish their versions and can be in the parade, too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Michele said...

No worries :-) I'm so glad you are having a wonderful holiday weekend! Like JoAnne said, it give us more time to look forward to the parade :-)

Nicole said...

You guys are awesome to coordinate this Schnibbles effort, which so many of us truly love and appreciate. If life gets in the way we totally understand! I was just glad to make the deadline, even if I was just under the wire!