Thursday, October 3, 2013

And Lastly...

Apparently I have an over active spam filter this month!

Here is a bright and happy Mercerie that was hiding in there...
it was made by Denise T  using V & Co. fabrics... she made a cute little label on
the back too. Pop over to her blog to see it!

This one was made by Satu! It is beautiful! You can see more at her blog,
Quilttales... it's always nice to go there and visit her cat too!

I missed Nancy's diverted email also! And it was an important one...
she not only caught up with last month's Canasta using Halloween fabrics!
I just love this one!
And then she went on to make Mercerie also!

She used Bluebird Park, Birdie and Cottage Romance is mixed in also.
I love the color placement on Nancy A's Schnibble. 

Ah, and now that THAT faux pas is fixed...
I have another one to address... is was
not Laura's birthday, but her sister's birthday... Polly!
I unfortunately have not met my two Moda idols before, 
so I have a hard time distinguishing who is who... I have the
 same problem with the talented women of Blackbird Designs...
Barb and Alma. 

I have to admit that I sometimes have the same problem
 when I see old photos of my sons...
but at least they are identical twins, so I have an excuse!

And lastly, Sherri will be posting the parade winners later today!
Pinky swear!

3 friends stopped by to chat:

Auntie Pami said...

I'm the same with Mary and barb from me & my sister!

Michele said...

The Schnibbles are beautiful :-) Two days of parades! Yeah! Twice as much fun!

sandra said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sinta we share the same birth day but not the same year I am much older but still can't quilt as beautifully as you do