Monday, October 7, 2013

Good/Bad? I'd Say It's All Good!

Very often my fellow bloggers, yes that means you, are a bad influence on me!
 For example:
Thelma of Cupcakes n Daisies blog and I finally had an opportunity to
work on a project together! I'm jazzed just to play along with Thelma!
The last time I remember working on something with her was her Eventide quilt along.
It happened to be a Miss Rosie's pattern.
 Do you remember that one?

The fabric choice was a slam dunk. The minute she showed it to me I fell in
love with the beautiful colors... the next thing to decide on was a pattern.
Sometimes I have a pattern in mind first and the fabric gets picked to go with it.
This time  it worked out the other way around.
We had thought about a Kim Deihl pattern, there was a couple ideas there...
but in the end a Carrie Nelson pattern looked like the perfect contender.

Summer Wind?
More like Autumn Breeze!

Here is my center...

I only have one photo that is on my phone showing 
the first border...
it's not very clear at all, and I can't seem to 
upload it to edit it...
so bear with me... 
Border #1 with cat.

I will show you more photos soon. I had to switch gears here...
because I had a retreat to attend to over the weekend.

Here is a group shot of (most) of our group at Pine Needles Quilt Camp.

We had a great weekend... 

Have you seen one of these before?
Shhh, be very quite...

It's a very rare, seldom seen baby Dresden!

You might have seen one or two before.
There was a sighting on Thelma's blog this summer. Joann from the Patriotic Quilter had one show up on her blog too.
See what I mean about bad/good influences?
I can't believe that I'm not just throwing out fabric pieces that
are this small!!! 
No worries... it's all good!
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Anonymous said...

wow Sinta you do such beautiful work.xx

Auntie Pami said...


QuiltNut Creations said...

how cute is that baby Dresdan? and I LOVE that fabric stack!

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, I LOVE that High Street fabric -- I'll be watching your quilt with great interest!

Sherry said...

Your "Summer Wind" quilt is going to be beautiful. I love the High Street fabric. I was reminded of the dresden I began and set aside a while back when I saw your baby dresden. Have a great week.

Wendy said...

I think I have that pattern somewhere. Can't wait to see more.

Strlady said...

I have been in love with this pattern for forever.
Camille has a gorgeous version of this quilt:

I think that of all of Carrie's patterns this cover quilt is the only one that does not do the quilt justice. This quilt is a beautiful piece and your fabric choice will make this pop! I look forward to your progress.

Satu said...

Oh, your start of Summer Wind is fabulous! I'm thrilled and I follow on your both progress!!