Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Finish and An End to a Story

This was one pattern I have been thrilled with all the way through!
I loved seeing each block unfold.

This pattern has being made up a lot in blogville and 
each one has been so cute... 
it just really works well with all fabrics and especially 
theme fabrics. Thelma made hers in Christmas fabrics.
I knew I had to use my Going Coastal fabric especially 
because the Bottle Top fabric I fussy cut for the center of the stars.

I went from one block to
7 in no time flat!

I have plenty of GC fabric left over too...
which I had been hording so I could make this
pattern by

I might still be able to make it out of my scraps.
I seem to be starting this year on a Nautical theme.
Oh wait... I ended last year on this theme
with Anchors Aweigh.
I guess that works just fine for me.

no jury duty for me...
I was able to be excused from jury duty.
It turns out that it was going to be a projected 6 month long trial.
It involved a couple who went rouge this past summer and started
over a dozen arson fires. 
It actually happened up in my area... even though the court
was being held 45 minutes away. Although I would have 
liked to have been a juror...
I have very strong opinions about this...
so it is a good thing I won't be on their trial.
Road to California... here I come!!!

14 friends stopped by to chat:

Jo C. said...

Love your stats! I have several Going Coastal fabrics waiting for something...just don't know what it is! The bottle caps are so cute!

Deborah said...

Love your bottle cap quilt! Great interpretation of the star pattern!

JJ said...

I love how your bottle cap quilt turned out. Where did you get the pattern?

Jeanna said...

While I feel that we should all fulfill our civic duties, that would be a horrible trial to serve on the jury. Besides, I really wanted you to go on your trip...'cuz we know you will share lots of photos and stories.

Safe travels!!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Love your bottle cap stars. Enjoy your trip.

Kris said...

Love the quilt top. Love the fussy cuts! Where are you staying for Road? At your sisters?
Wish I were going this year!
xo Kris

Lesley said...

Beautiful projects, especially the stars!

Thimbleanna said...

Haha -- they must've been getting very strong opinion vibes from you and therefore you weren't selected. All the better for you! Have a great time at Road to California. Pictures at 10!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey - you tried. You showed up. A lot of people don't. Thanks! Love the quilt top - will it be gifted?

Dee said...

A 6-month trial? Wow, that sounds like a long time. I wonder how those who made it on the jury feel. It would be nice if more people were excited or even interested in fulfilling their civic duty. That was a good use of the bottle cap fabric. It looks great in the center of each star!

Needled Mom said...

Those stars are beautiful. I love the centers.

I wasn't as lucky about getting excused from jury duty this past week. Glad you were.

Sherry said...

This is a fabulous quilt and I too think the fussy cut bottle caps are such a great idea. I like the pattern you have plans for next too.

Helen L said...

I love your Star quilt! And darn, I didn't read this till I got back from Road to Calif: I would have loved to meet you there!! I hope you had a great time! I did, and spent too much too! :-) Have a great week!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

jesop84 said...

Love your fussy cut bottle caps!