Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's Parade Day! Yeah!

eDiTed to sHow yOu:

 The one I missed!
This is Michelle's Plan C quilt!
Michelle is new to the AYOS group this month..
and is a friend of JoAnne's aka the Patriotic Quilter.
Michelle's gorgeous quilt is made with KT fabrics...
doesn't it looks so warm and cozy.. quite the opposite of
it's backdrop!

Another Schnibbles was sent to me today! 
It is by Judy who is also playing along with us!

This one is an OMG cute! I love the orange in her version of Dulcinea!
You can see more at Judy's blog Shade Tree Quilting!

It's a rainy day parade for us!
This was a short month... so I am 
happily surprised to see a nice turn out 
for the parade!

I don't know if you noticed but I have changed 
the order that I make my AYOS quilts in.
I use to make mine a month ahead  and show you at the parade
so you could see 
what the next project pattern will be and what mine looks like...
but a few months ago I started just making my AYOS quilt
right along with you and that actually makes it more fun for me!
I like being in the parade with you!

The next AYOS parade on April 1st is going to be
A fun one... and I know you can not only do it...
it is going to be a fantastic quilt to make!

Do you do this too? 
whenever I hear Hook, I think of the movie of
Peter Pan when the lost boys all start chanting 
Hook, Hook Hook!!!
So this pattern reminds me of the constellations... where you will see the
 first start to the left... that's where Neverland is!
okay,,, back to the parade!

I am going to start the parade with Bungalow!
Somehow I missed this pattern of Miss Rosie's.
It is a fun one for sure!

This one was created by Peg at Stitchin' with Peg blog.
Doesn't it have a whole lot of personality?!?

Next, is Hook by Michele at Island Life Quilts blog.
Isn't her quilt adorable? It's like her stars are dancing!

This little beauty was created by Polly at Aunt Polly's Porch blog. 
It's Mon Ami! And as sweet as can be.
I love the different photos Polly has on her blog with it.

Patti J in Michigan made Paganini. It is just beautiful...
and beautifully quilted too! Isn't that border 

Now, take a moment just to stop and stare at Patty's quilt here.
Isn't it amazing? This is a Little Bites pattern called Mite.
I love the color order she carefully chose but the spiral quilting
is awesome. Just awesome. You will want to hop on over
to see more pics on her blog, A Stitch In Time also!

This is a sweet one called Chicken Feed made
by Paulette! I love her bright and colorful 
version of this pattern. My eye just keeps moving around
the quilt! 

Satu made a beautiful contemporary version of George!
It is very striking! I wonder which came first... the 
pincushion or the quilt?

Tilda made her Jersey Girl quilt just after we posted the last parade, so I promised that
I would show it in our Free Choice parade!
I love the red white and blue theme she sent with!

This is a sweet entry from Vivian. This is State Fair that was
actually a gift to her, so she is sharing it with us this parade...
and hopes to join us next month herself!
This is a very special gift from her guild friend.

 Susan made a gorgeous version of Chicken Feed here!
She super sized the pattern... because bigger is better!
I obviously was thinking the same thing!
I love the tractor... the blue is perfect!

Awe, Roadshow!
A sweet vintage Schnibbles!
This one is from Mary C.
I love this block... it's just beautiful!

Here is a gorgeous Roundabout made by Lynn in NZ!
The colors are beautiful... this is always such a nice pattern!

Here is a beautiful quilt using Potluck fabrics made by Tilda!
(yes, this time she made it in plenty of time for the parade, he he)
The Chicken Feed pattern and those fabrics are a perfect match!
The fabric even has little chicks in some of the prints! How cute is that!!!

This one was created by Wendy! She did an amazing job with
this pattern! I just love it! She used her Civil War prints for this beauty!
You can see more of her quilt and Sue's (below) on her blog...

This one was made by Wendy's friend Sue. 
She made Open Season from the Schnibbles Times Two book. 
She specifically wanted to make a fall quilt /wallhanging
 for her home... she has a few other Schnibbles that she rotates out there
 and needed to make a fall wallhanging to display there.
She used Portabello from her fabric stash! It is a perfect  combination!

Nancy made Nash fusing fabrics from her stash basket!
They are a beautiful combination of bright colors!
This will be perfect for a little one... and it just so happens that
her 3 month old grand daughter will be receiving it!
n my scrap basket to make the Nash Schnibbles pattern. It is for my 3 month old granddaughter

Here is a stunning version of Clover made by Linda at the Quilted  Pineapple!
She used a variety of reproduction fabrics. They all play so
perfectly together don't they?

Here is my quilt! I had to make Chicken Feed... it seemed like it would be the 
perfect picnic quilt! I knew I wanted to make the larger version of 
the pattern... but then I had leftover pieces... so it got even larger!
I guess I will just have to invite more people to my picnic! ha!

If you haven't seen the other half of the parade yet... 
hop on over to Sherri's at A Quilting Life blog
to see more beautiful Schnibbles there! 
Don't forget to leave a comment! 
We really appreciate every one's hard work and love
these wonderful parades that just wouldn't be without you!
And of course a shout out to Carrie for keeping us in stitches!
The follow up post with parade prize winners will be on Monday!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Linda said...

All gorgeous!!! I could never pick a favorite!! A big thank you to YOU, Sherri and Carrie (and Rosie) for creating all this fun for us to enjoy!!

Mary Caldwell said...

Beautiful parade, as usual! Love the Chicken Feed quilts, I'm going to have to make one soon. Thanks Sinta and Sherri for all you hard work. Good job everyone!

Lesley said...

Fabulous parade full of inspiration!

Sherry said...

So many fun and beautiful schnibbles. I have started working on Bungalow, and I am having a great time with it but it is not far enough along to join the parade. Yeah for all of the fabulous quilts.

Judy said...

Beautiful parade! So many more that I want to make! Thank you for hosting such an awesome parade.

JoAnne said...

These are all so pretty. I knew it would be a great parade--I love seeing all the different quilts!

Tilda H said...

Everyone did such a beautiful job! Just gorgeous quilts everyone . And as always thanks you Sinta and Sherri for sponsoring the parade. And a HUGE thank you to Carrie for making such cute patterns for us to make!

Jeanna said...

So many amazing quilts. This was a big parade! Carrie must be over the top knowing so many are her patterns are loved.

Thanks for hosting this parade and making us drool :)

Helen L said...

beautiful quilts ladies!! i love seeing the different quilts in so many different colors (and I think I'm sensing the wish for spring among so many of them!!)

codrette said...

So many beauties, and such inspiration, ladies! Thanks to all for sharing.

Hildy said...

Great, great quilts again! Thanks for hosting the parade:-)

Quilting by the River said...

So wonderful to see colours during our long and very white winter. Quick question , what does AYOS stand for? Would like to quilt along. Thankyou

Nancy E said...

Love seeing all the various Schnibbles quilts .... very inspiring!

Satu said...

These parades are as inspiring as I assumed!!! Everyone has done amazing work! I love them all!!! And I'm excited about "Hook"... hopefully I have time to sew it.

Patty D from NC said...

Fantastic parade! Thanks to you and Sherri for hosting. Now off to choose charm packs for hook!

Kris said...

They are all so beautiful!!!!!!!
XO Kris
PS I want that blue tractor!!

Tracey Holzer said...

I love seeing the free choice pattern picks. Chicken feed is definitely a popular pattern. Maybe I can join in making Hook!

Michele said...

Beautiful, beautiful, all of them! Thanks so much to both Sherri and Sinta for getting all of this together. And thanks to Carrie too :-)

Kim said...

Gorgeous quilts! Love them all.

Susan Smith said...

Wow! That was a big parade of beautiful quilts! Thanks so much for hosting this! I love Carrie's patterns!

Grit said...

So many wonderful quilts!!!!

zareen fatima said...

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