Wednesday, May 28, 2014

And the Winner Is

Thanks for entering my blogiversary giveaway-a-day! 
Thank you for being with me in my journey also!
I had a little helper stop by my office today so she helped me pick a name...

The winner of a vintage apron is:

Blogger Beth said...
Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for sharing the glimpse of the past, as well as one of your aprons. I love aprons! I have one made by my mother but I try not to use it in heavy rotation because I want it to last forever.
May 27, 2014 at 10:22 PM

Here is a photo of the apron... randomly picked and carefully ironed and
placed on my wire mannequin!

I will pick names again tomorrow for another apron... if you left a name yesterday,
yours will still be in the vase! 
If you would like your name added... just leave me a comment.

I did get some quilting done over the holiday weekend...
I shared these on Instagram but here they are for you to see!

Layered Flowers

Coastal Lily.
She just needs a background border added and whala! she will be done!!!

See you tomorrow!


Kris said...

Yea for Beth! Love the quilt top!
xo Kris

Jeanna said...

Congratulations to Beth!

Lovely quilt Sinta. I am just getting into IG...found you earlier today.

Nancy E said...

Congrats! I have always enjoyed reading your blog. Love the Coastal Lily quilt. It is so pretty!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Congrat's to Beth! I'm going to try crossing my fingers. :)
Love your quilts~ esp the Coastal Lilies!

Beth said...

Oh my goodness! I am the lucky Beth! And look how nice your readers are--all of those people happy for me. :)

Thanks for your generosity. And once again you have shared pictures of beautiful quilt tops that make me want to rush to my sewing machine and get busy.

QuiltNut Creations said...

Happy belated blogversary! Great quilts you have finished.

Sandy D said...

Awesome Quilts. I especially like the Coastal Lily Quilt I am looking forward to seeing what you pick for the border.

Hildy said...

Congrats to Beth! And you have the cutest little helper:-)

Gill said...

Congratulations to Beth!!
I love both of your quilts!!!

Mindy Williams said...

Here's a favorite poem of mine!


My grandma wore an apron
For the better part of day
She wore it when the sun arose
And when it went away
She wore it in the garden
When she gathered up the crop
She wore it at the kitchen sink
Or when she pushed a mop
She wore it doing laundry
As she hung it on the line
And it somehow brought me comfort
That she wore it all the time!
Of all my thoughts of Grandma
My most favorite ones that bring
The happiest of memories
Are tied to her apron strings!
© 2005 Jennifer Byerly

Anne said...

Happy Anniversary Sinta! My friends get such a kick out of the fact that I wear an apron when I cook. I love them and they make sense. Great poem Mindy.

Susan P said...

Happy Anniversary Sinta! Love following you and seeing all that you do.

Barb Gibney said...

I too am such an apron lover.... I cant help but think of my granny every time I tie my apron on. I actually just made myself the apron a go go and one for each of my grandchildren. They are so versatile....can you tell I love aprons. Lol

Nettie said...

Happy Blogversary! Love these vintage aprons and your blog is one of my favorites.

Nettie said...

Happy Blogversary! Love these vintage aprons and your blog is one of my favorites.

Jeanna said...
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Sue said...

Congrats Beth ! Lucky girl !

I am in LOVE with your Coastal Lily quilt ! So on my " TO DO " list ;-)

Susan said...

Congratulations Beth! Love your quilts and aprons. My great grandmother wore aprons and that's how I remember her. Love them myself and they do make sense.

ali said...

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