Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lots of Loving Going on Here

A whole week has flown by! 

Let me give you a picture tour of what I have been up to!
First of all, I went to the beach with a couple of 
girlfriends! My first time to this part of the Central Coast of
California... Cambria!
I have a new beach and little town to love.
And... just so you know, they have a great yarn shop there too.

And did a bunch of this while we were there!
I love walking on the beach... and just planting myself
in a chair to enjoy the view also! 

Back at home... I also spent time with my stepson
and little Noah who is a month old now!
Isn't he such a happy daddy? 
I love this little sweetie pie.

Did I tell you that my sweet son Tauren got engaged to Heather here
while they were traveling. 
I love this girl! Well, and him too  of course!

So now there is a lot of dress shopping and other 
going on!!!
Gotta love wedding planning!

And of course there was also time to whip up a few
blocks for the AYOS group: Little Bites Sampler.
There are just addicting!
I love this pattern.

While I was going through fabrics to use in the 
blocks in the  above... I uncovered this 
little project! I found that I have 6 blocks made and
just three more to go! 
I have been laying low on any big undertakings but 
I think I can handle this one! The pattern is Betsy's Closet In Stitches

Betsy's Closet - In Stitches

It's just too cute... I have to get this one finished!
It's adorable, right?


Sue said...

I have always wanted to go to Cambria. I hear it is a wonderful town and I also have a love for the ocean.

Congrats on the upcoming wedding how exciting :-D

Little Noah is adorable.

Yes I would say that little quilt you found id doable.. you are so close to finishing it

Needled Mom said...

We are headed to Cambria in a few weeks. It is beautiful up there and I'll bet the weather was spectacular while you were there. Did you find any moonstones?

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. Fun planning days ahead.

That little guy is so cute. That's a great age. They grow up too quickly.

I have always loved that little quilt. I look forward to seeing yours finished.

Jeanna said...

What a sweet little Noah. He and his day almost have the same expression in the picture.

Love the little dresses quilt, too!

I'm glad you enjoyed your little getaway.

Kris said...

Isn't Cambrian delightful! I love our Central Coast. Your son and his ne bride to be look so happy! And so do your step son and wee Noah!!! Loved catching up here tonight and seeing some pics from the trunk show too!!!
XO Kris

Hildy said...

Spending time on the beach is always a big plus it's so relaxing.

Congrats to your son's engagement what a cute couple!
Almost as cute as little Noah;-)

And yes, the Little Bites blocks are addictive I've already decide to make 25 because they're so much fun.

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow -- you've been a busy girl. I'm finding it hard to feel sorry for you though -- you were at the beach. The Beach!!!!

Little Noah is adorable. And congrats to your son -- saying they got engaged while traveling reminded me of a funny picture I saw on pinterest. On a bridge near the Eiffel Tower a guy is kneeling down and the girl has her hands to her mouth as if crying and the caption says "Never bend down to tie your shoelaces in Paris" TOOO Funny!!!

gailss said...

What a nice get-away for you and bet it was great....looks like you have had lots of family time too! Enjoy your time Sinta with them while they are young.

Sinta Renee said...

testing to see if I can write a comment on my own blog.