Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Cleaning... on the blog

I made a new discovery yesterday!

I figured out why,
 as in
why in the heck
I have not been able to post comments on 
your blogs. For the past several months this has been 
an issue for me. So much so, that I have given up trying...
sometimes I will just Email my comment instead.
But it is so frustrating!

I heard that the same problem exists for 
some of you who wanted to leave comments.
Hopefully you will give it another try now.

Now... since I have been in the inner workings of my blog...
I thought I would attempt to do something with my 
banner. It is awfully plain isn't it?
To say the least.

I had thought of  making a photo banner.
I am still looking for a method of doing that.
But I did find a couple of 
ideas I thought I might try out in lieu of
a photo banner.

This one might be cute.

Or this one.

I thought I would just post them here to see how they will go with my background.

Anyway... I will keep playing with this for a couple of days.

Do you have any good resources for banners? 
I would really like to  try a photo one also.

And, what about blog buttons? 
Does anybody still use them?


Sue said...

They have a cute selection :-D

Cathy said...

I have trouble leaving comments when you leave the comment on the page. When it pops up like yours I have no problem. Hugs

Sherry said...

I have to remember to click on the topic of that post I am going to leave a comment on, not just go to the blog, scroll down to comments and try to leave a comment. Does that make sense? Click on the title of the post, then scroll down and leave a comment. That works for me. I want to thank you and those others who keep up with their blogs. I'm a no blogger but I don't do Facebook either, so I love to be able to follow your blogs!

Aunt TC said...

I don't have a blog but enjoy receiving posts from those quilters who do. Although I appreciate all the "fancy" stuff, I want to read the post and see the current quilt or project. If it takes too long to come up, I move on. Good luck with your changes.

Hildy said...

I love your blog it's one of my favorites!
I think the second banner is a bit more cuter than the first but perhaps you should switch the coral to a more pinker shade?
What I really, really love is the type you're using it's easy to read and a little uncommon, just perfect to recognize your blog quite easy. Please keep it:-) said...

There is a site called Blogaholic Designs and they have nice headers and buttons.
I have tried for ages to find something just right for my blog to no avail so I've gone plain.....

Good luck finding something that shouts "Sinta's Blog"


Needled Mom said...

I need to do something with my blog, but I am too scared to try. Last time I did it I lost my blog for several days until I could figure it out!!

Nicole said...

I still have to exit reading your post in Bloglovin in order to leave a comment, but that isn't going to stop me! Love those pretty background colors you are using. And I agree with another commenter, whatever type you are using is wonderful. It is so easy to read.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I love the first banner--so cute! I have been meaning to change up my blog header and background, but worry about messing things up too much. I despise Bloglovin'-- it takes too long to load, won't let you leave a page sometimes, and they make it so difficult to comment. I've taken to making note of who has posts on Bloglovin' and then visiting on my own. Good luck with your " Spring cleaning"!

Michele said...

How did you fix the comment issue? I've been having the same problem on some blogs, but not others. The comments get kicked back to me and I just have to email them separately. I gave up too. I saw a post from someone else who figured it out, but I can't remember who it was :-(

Thimbleanna said...

So what was the comment secret? Other people are having the same problem -- maybe your solution will help! Both of those new blog banners are very pretty too!

Jeanna said...

Sinta, I have heard from some of my followers that they have had problems leaving a comment on my blog.

I complained to Blogger, joined the forum, sent screen shots of settings but they were absolutely no help.

Please share your solution.

Also, I love both of your sample headers. Like Needled Mom, I would like to make some changes to my blog - a refresh - but I'm afraid to start messing around with things at this time.

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