Monday, May 11, 2015

Nearly Ready to Begin

I only got a little head start on my Crop Circles project 
over the weekend.

I have my fabric nicely pressed and I am waiting for 
my pattern to arrive. I expect it will be here tomorrow!

I am excited to see Nicole's progress over the weekend.
I am extra happy that she is blazing the trail on this pattern!
There seems to be a few things to think about and 
to consider when you are working on the units.
Which is all good... I really like learning along the way and
trying something new. 
The "new" part will be the applique. 
I never do enough of it to "hone" my skills.
A little hand sewing will come in handy...
you know, while waiting for appointments etc.

If you are thinking about joining the sew along with Nicole at
Sister's Choice and me it's not too late at all.
Look at the last post for more details or head over to Nicole's 
to see her first block!

Here is the back of the pattern so you can see what you might already have
in your stash! You can order the pattern from Fat Quarter Shop... but 
unfortunately a PDF version is not available anywhere.


You are welcome to use a Jen Kingwell pattern of your choice as another option!
Read more at this post of mine.

I also worked on my Farm Girl Friday blocks...

You can see them on my Instagram feed, 

I am sure you all had a good weekend... if you didn't get spoiled...
it's not to late to indulge yourself!!!


Carol said...

Good fabric choice for your quilt. I hope your pattern comes tomorrow.

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, those fabrics are beautiful! It's going to be a gorgeous quilt!

Michele said...

That looks like a fun pattern Sinta! I'm going to follow your progress and Nicole's too. said...

Love your picture of Pedal Pushers. It wasn't one I have picked up yet, but I may be so inclined now!

Karen said...

I'm so tempted, but I think I'll just watch for now. It's going to be beautiful.