Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Circling In For A Landing

I am nearly done putting my Crop Circle rows together!

I worked on this project over the weekend and a 
little bit yesterday morning.

There was just too much light this morning and
it was not helping me here one little bit...
so this is the best photo I could get.

Nicole is waiting patiently for me to catch up with her on this project!
I hope that we will both soon be able to show you 
how the pattern looks... finished!

Did I show you that my kit for Gardenvale 
 by Jen Kingwell
Yes, the wrappings came off immediately so I could 
touch this fabric... and see the fun designs!

Displaying CIMG4632.JPG

 Hildy is coming along very nicely with her Jen Kingwell pattern too!

And Bea is making a few more blocks to add to her assortment too!

6 friends stopped by to chat:

Needled Mom said...

Those circles are just fabulous.

Hildy said...

I love your circles they look so perfect and summer-y! And Bea's blocks are great, too, love the fabrics she choose:-) I'm a bit unsatisfied with my current blocks because I like neither the clamshells (but already have a solution for this block) nor the Garden Paths blocks (no idea what to do instead I need some cute yet simple 6" blocks). So, today I'm just enjoying the sun it should be a great summer day:-) Hope you have one, too!

Lesley said...

Love, love, love your quilt! So much fun to see it in colour, but also awesome in the black and white photo!

Cathy said...

I really love your Crop Circles quilt. It's on my bucket list. Hugs

Thelma said...

I love your version of Crop Circles! You'll be done soon, I hope you enjoyed working on your Corp Circles, I enjoyed making mine.

Susan P said...

Your circles are beautiful!