Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Has Officially Arrived!

Before I made Crop Circles I made this quilt...
it's Vintage Tulips by Thimble Blossoms. 
It was a MUST do when I first saw it
 and I ordered the PDF as soon as the pattern 
was available. It is so sweet... so of course
 I had to use my Pam Kitty Morning stash
and now that it's made...
 I have seen variations
that I love just as much as the original.
 I saw one quilt using only
the alternate blocks.
 And then there was Cindy's quilt... and 
Vintage Tulips too. I am half way 
tempted to spend the entire summer 
making this quilt over and over again!

There is even the mini one... 
oh, the light bulb just went off!
I can do mini's of the other variations!!!

I brought this quilt out of hiding the other day.
It had been a pattern in a magazine. 
I believe it's called Dresden Doilies. 
Designed by Gerri Robinson
You can see that the skill level was for a confident beginner. 
(Insert your own joke here.)

I left off with 7 small ones made. All of the large Dresden's made
and  none of the medium size made.
Fortunately, I found (after spending some time looking) my V and Company
fabrics... so I am back in business!
This will be one of my summer projects.

The other summer project I have in mind is this one:


It's by Tula Pink!
I have been obsessed with Orange Peel quilts since
Playful Petals was published!
So now I plan on starting with this quilt but also 
spending my summer making other 
quilts from the book by Cory Yoder aka Little Miss Shabby!

Playful Petals Cover

Miss Luella showed her version of the cover quilt recently on
Instagram using Jen Kingwell fabrics.
That really sent me over the edge on my obsession!
So, you will be seeing my version of this one also...

I have my summer fun all planned now! 
How about you?

11 friends stopped by to chat:

Cathy said...

Confident beginner, right! Ha ha. Orange peel is on my list too and I have the Playful Petals book. So many quilts to make, so little time to quilt!

Jeanna said...

I truly hope that I grow up to be a quilter with skills like you. That orange peel is so pretty but scares me. I heard curves are dangerous so I have kept to the straight and narrow. :)

I look forward to following your summer progress and successes.

dutchcomfort said...

That’s a beautiful and cheerful tulip quilt!

Hildy said...

Love your tulip quilt! It's on my list but first the mini or minis;-) I've made a few orange peel blocks for my Sweet Tea and Green Beans quilt and that's enough for me to be honest. And on my summer weing list is to finish this one and then I'll decide what to do next (sounds like a ggod plan but let's see).

The Queen Bee said...

I love your tulips and your choice of fabric. It has inspired me to shop for the another one or two. You know, why just buy one when you see two or three worth investing in?


Laurie H Mosley said...

I'm also making the quilt on the cover of Playful Petals. My daughter loves it and asked me to make it for her as the quilt for her first baby who is due July 30th. I'm having fun with it although it's a different technique for me as I do traditional piecing.
Laurie Mosley
Mt. Holly, NJ

Kris said...

Sinta, you amaze me with all of the beautiful quilts you produce!!!!!! Love the tulips!!!!!
My Mom is riding up to the lake on Thursday with some friends. If you are at The Forks, there is a good chance they will be there a few times during their stay too!!!
XO Kris

Sue said...

I just bought the Playful petals book and plan on making her Free Tiled Blooms quilt using my Aloha Girl fabric .Such a great books with so many quilts
Looking forward to watching you make these quilts this summer.

Heather said...

Where do you find that Tula Pink pattern? I went to her website and it's not listed there. I love that quilt and have a bunch of Moonshine that would be amazing.

sunny said...

Lots of great projects! I've always loved any tulip pattern, and I always meant to make playful petals.

Tumlaren said...

I like your quilt with tulips very much. What a great job you´ve done.