Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Sweet Summer Star

 Hurrah, hurray! 
Today is the Summer Star Minis And More Parade!
I am so excited to participate this moth...
of the "new year"!

I loved making this sweet Summer Star pattern by
Sherri at


But first I want to mention how cute the
 button for Minis And More is!

Michelle is going to be a perfect partner for Sherri,,,
she has been in AYOS for years and has always 
impressed me and inspired me with her quilts!
I couldn't be more excited to see her team up
with Sherri for this... because, you know...


So here is my first entry into
Minis And More.

I don't use batik fabrics very often,
although I think they are gorgeous!

Since it's the first of July, I thought it would be
fun to have a tropical influence of the batik 
I thought about red white and blue also...
but I have made two already this year in that colorway 
and one that is blue and cream batiks.
I haven't shown them yet... because they are 
a secret magazine assignment.
Hopefully I will be able to soon.

I was playing around with my photo editor
and inverted the colors on the  mini quilt...

It was kind of fun to see it in another view!

You will see more Summer Stars at Island Life Quilts
and at A Quilting Life too.

6 friends stopped by to chat:

Hildy said...

Love your summer star! It's a great idea to use batiks I have so many but hardly use them you inspire me to change that:-)

Jeanna said...

I love Sherri's pattern. I also love working with batiks. Your Sweet Summer Star is...well, sweet :)

Sue said...

Love the use of batiks in your quilt :-D

Such great fabric to sew with !

Michele said...

Thanks for your kind words and sweet comment about the button! I just hope I can make my part of the parade as fun as you did :-) The batiks worked so well here. It's been awhile since I've used them, but your Summer Star has made me get a pile out of my stash and start thinking.........

Polly said...

I love the batiks, Sinta! And seeing the colors reversed is very cool. too!!

Kim Brackett said...

Love your star quilt! I'm way behind on reading blogs, and didn't know the AYOS wasn't a thing any more. I hope you're doing well and finding lots of time to play!