Monday, August 31, 2015

Lives Touching Lives

We have a sweet little cemetery that is right in the middle of 
our town. This was built in the middle to late 1800's. 

This was gold rush country once upon a time... there
are headstones dating back to that time period.
This is where I held the Celebration of Life for my dad on Saturday.
It would have been his birthday. His 84th. 
It was a very nice gathering of just family.
The people who had shared in his life.
We were united in this brief tribute that
was so bitter-sweet. 
Sharing, caring and most of all acknowledging 
the man he was
and where he came from.

This also happened to be during the Supermoon.
It was an amazing night sky!

Friday night  I stayed up late looking through a box of photos
 that had belonged to our dad with my half brother.

I had heard of his grandmother but I had never met her...
not that I can remember anyway.
But I came upon a photo of her as a child.
To my amazement!
This is Ida Mae Daniels

This was a photo from a tintype that was from 1882.
Iowa City, Iowa.

I had always been told that his side of the family had originated from
Ireland... the Isle of Mann actually.

This indicates that there is another story to be told
don't you think?

In the meantime I have a sewing machine
 that needs to get busy and a sewing room
that needs to get messy again!
I am already behind on Viola...
a project I am working on with Nicole and Thelma!
I hope to have a photo or two of those blocks tomorrow!
Yes, seriously... I am aiming for tomorrow!


Jeanna said...

Sweet post, Sinta. So nice you found a photo of your great grandmother...yes, more to the story.

We celebrated the life of my father-in-law in Wilmington, DE last Friday. He would have been 85 in a few weeks. That among other things this summer have kept my sewing room way to neat.

I look forward to seeing your Viola blocks. I love the fabrics Thelma and Nicole have selected. Will you be paper piecing your stems like Thelma?

Nicole said...

Thank you for your thoughtful post SInta. It is so difficult to lose a loved one. I know you will find comfort in the memories you have of your father. How fun to learn a bit more about your ancestry. Looking forward to seeing your progress on Viola. I am finding it a very fun distraction.

ES said...

I just googled 'traditional dress' isle of Mann, and it might be similar, although the photo kinda looks Russian aswell!

Hildy said...

Cementries are a great place, don't you think? I love to read the tombstones, the names and dates from another time ... it's like time travelling.