Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Something Sweet

I love love love Cory Yoder's book...
Playful Petals.
The quilt above is a free pattern from  Corey's blog, Little Miss Shabby.

In between losing my sweet cat Leo and having the memorial for my dad
a sweet Instagramer, Mtnrosedesigns was having a giveaway on  IG.

She had a great giveaway of Prairie precut fabric by Corey Yoder.
She also picked me to be a winner of this bundle along with the 
other winners. 
My name wasn't drawn but she added me in because she thought I 
was a hero for trying to save my Leo from the coyote that had him.
A heart breaking story...
but it was so sweet of Donna to think I did a good job of
bringing him home.

I absolutely love the bundle and the project that she made 
from her bundle of Prairie!
This will be quilting therapy in the best sense of the tern.

I look forward to playing with those beautiful fabrics.

I can't wait to see what other people are making with their bundles too!
Maybe I will just make another quilt from Playful Petals...
every one of the quilts in the book are so cute!


Nicole said...

Sinta you are a hero. I missed the post about you chucking logs at the coyote until it dropped your cat out of its mouth. Good.Grief.Girl. I am so sorry Leo did not survive the experience. You sure have been through a lot these past few weeks. I am so glad you won the bundle and know you will make great use of it. Happier times are ahead, I just know it.

Needled Mom said...

I know you will do justice to this win and glad your heroism won out in the end.

crazy quilter said...

Good for you, and so sweet of mtrosedesigns designs. You deserve a little pick me up. Sew something happy!

paulette said...

Your fabric looks wonderful and you do deserve a pick-me-up!! Love that quilt and the book looks wonderful!You take care!

Kris said...

That fabric is beautiful! I had to read back several posts to see what happened. Sinta did your Dad recently pass? I'm so sorry. You have had a rough patch. Poor kitty too moh gosh. Those coyotes are brutal
I have been way out of the loop. I hope there are better days ahead
XO Kris

Beth said...

Working on a quilt as a remembrance is always a comfort for me. I still find myself reaching for "Nanny's quilt" when I am missing that sweet dog--I made that quilt for her when she was close to passing, and now that quilt is very special. Between the kindness of the gift of fabric, and the prettiness of the fabric itself, creating your next quilt should do you a world of good.

xxx Beth

Hildy said...

That's really cute story. Not that you've lost Leo (that's just sad and my heart breaks for you) but that someone out there read about this and thought you deserve a gift for your heroism and to make you feeling a bit better. Lots of hugs:-)

QuiltLaughLove said...

I've looked everywhere for the free pattern you mentioned on Cory's blog but I'm not seeing it. Do yo have a link to it? Your quilt is beautiful!

Jeanna said...

That was super sweet of Donna to include you in her giveaway, you deserve it!

I started Cory's free Birdie Stitches pattern many years ago. I think I only have one more block to finish...what IS my problem?!? She creates really cute designs.

QuiltSue said...

That was a lovely gesture from Donna and you really, really deserved it.