Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Midweek Mosaic: Hiding From the Summer Heat

I am staying with a garden theme for this mosaic.
Last week was watering cans... such a fun yet functional item!
This time I am transporting myself to a restful spot...
safe from intrusion. The only company would be a glass of lemonade and 
a hard bound book to enjoy.
No heat, no humidity... just a perfect temperature accompanied 
by a gentle breeze.



Needled Mom said...

It all looks so calm and peaceful. Enjoy the pleasant weather.

Jeanna said...

Just beautiful. Thanks for allowing us to come along.

Jennifer Gwyn said...

Looks lovely. I break a sweat walking to my car from my back door. Come on Fall!

Hildy said...

Thanks, I would love to come:-)

gailss said...

Love it and would be a great place to just sit and ponder....;)