Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lily's. Viola's and Sprouts

There seems to be a theme going here!

Labor Day weekend is the annual County Fair.
I entered Coastal Lily along with a couple other quilts.

I was happy to see that I won first place along with Best of Show
for my quilt. 
My wall hanging got first place also and my other large quilt got second place.
It had been in the same category with Coastal Lily.

I have been so remiss about blogging that I don't think I have shown my progress
on Viola!
I was working on this with Nicole at Sister's Choice blog and Thelma...
Cupcake n Daisies blog. Thelma whipped up 4 blocks into a sweet little 
wall hanging and was finished pretty quickly.
Nicole and I are still working and making slow progress.
I am sure my progress is slower!
I haven't used Kaffe fabrics in a long time... but I always love
how lively a quilt will look using his bright and bold fabrics!

Here are my blocks right now.

Here is another view... more spread out.
Do you see the stem fabric?

I was reluctant to use the black and white fabric... but it just seemed 
to call out to me. 
I channeled my inner Aussie and went for it!

I'm glad I did. It's kind of  fun and gives a little attitude to the blocks!

I also am working on a Scrappy Sprouts quilt.
I am using American Jane fabrics.

I am combining a couple of features from a few of the 
patterns I have admired.
This is going to be done quickly... because I will be teaching it at my quilt 
retreat next month! 
 I have a few irons in the fire right now... and don't seem to have enough 
time to come up for air.!
We all do that don't we?
I also have a quilt exhibit in Yosemite National Park that will be at the Wawona Library for 
three months. I will be installing that next week! I don't know exactly when I will
fit it in... but it's on my calendar!

13 friends stopped by to chat:

Cathy said...

Wow, Sinta! Way to go, Best of Show and other awards at the County Fair. I am sure impressed!

Raewyn said...

Congratulations on your wins!! Lovely to see your other eye-catching projects too, good luck with fitting it all in :-)

Wendy said...

Go Sinta! Well done on your award winning quilt entries! I wish I was around to see your exhibit. You are a busy gal. Wish I was close enough to take in a workshop with you. Well done!

Helen L said...

You are busy!! :-) I'm tempted to go to Yosemite to see your quilt exhibit! How did that come about? And how many quilts will you have exhibited there? And you are making Coastal Lily again? You are a brave girl: I don't have the patience to make a quilt twice! :-) Have a great weekend!! Hugs, H

Helen L said...

Never mind: I looked closer and and realized that you aren't doing Coastal Lily twice. :-)

Helen L said...

Sorry to bother you one more time, but take a look at your blocks with the bright blue basket/vase: the flower on the right has one of the petals tipped the wrong way I think. I deliberated on telling you, but realized that if one of my blocks had a turned piece and someone noticed it, I would rather be told at this stage than see it when it was all done! Hugs, H

Hildy said...

Congrats to your wins it's well deserved! Love your quilts:-) And I'm sure if you enter your Viola quilt next year it'll win too!

Sinta Renee said...

Oh yes... I have that one markrd to fix... thanks Helen!

Kris said...

Wow, congratulations Sinta!!! Very cool, and well deserved! Love them!
xo Kris

Sue SA said...

Congratulations on your awards. Love your scrappy sprouts.

Sue said...


I love all of your projects and am enjoying watching your progress on VIOLA.
I am waiting for my background fabric to arrive so that I can start mine :-D

Cheryl said...

Congrats on your win! Your quilt is simply stunning!

Jeanna said...

Congratulations, Sinta! Well deserved win and recognition.