Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Midweek Mosaic: Opinions?

I have pinned these on Pinterest...

I can certainly see how these are quaint and have charm... but 
could you, would you do this?

And if you could... could you with one of your own quilts?
I could NOT love this more!:

Hmm, maybe there are more important things to think about...
I'm not sure I am sold on the style.

Crown & Crumpet Tea Room in San Francisco.  Went here with my nieces a couple summers ago-a little girl's dream!:
 would totally go to a place like this and sit on fun upholstered sofas
Quilted or otherwise!

5 friends stopped by to chat:

gailss said... too!!! ;))

Lesley said...

Gorgeous quilted furniture! So fun and fresh, and totally love the last picture too!

Karin Vail said...

I have a chair from 1942 (from my grandparents) similar to the one with the GFG quilt on it - it has the original (very worn) material on it still, but I have really considered upholstering it with a quilt. I haven't worked up the guts to do it though (or found the quilt to do it with either). I am not sure how my family would feel about it, LOL. They might admit me to an asylum, hehe.

Hildy said...

The pictures are gorgous but I'm not sure if I could do this to one of my quilts. Perhaps if it's just the seat of a chair and I'd make the quilt just for that purpose. But it's not on my to-do-list;-)

Jeanna said...

All very nice to look at...SOMEONE ELSE'S quilts :)

Love the screen door though!