Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Renew, Inspire, Create

Something new

I wanted to share a little bit about a person I have fun following and chatting with
on Instagram.
You can finder @ etericson

I asked her a few questions so you could have a chance to get to know her also...
(if you don't know her already)!

She claims that she can't survive without piecing vintage inspired 
quilts, embroidery, or applique on a daily basis. 
She says: 
... "as many can relate, it's my ticket to quilty sanity"... 

Erica says that IG has been a great influence: the sharing of so many creative makers
 and enjoying all the different styles/techniques...
it makes her heart triple beat!!!

She calls her sewing room, affectionately  the "Ivory Tower", 

When I asked Erica to share a little bit about herself she said that 

she is a Californian (since 1955) i.e. beach girl and a hiker.
 She is a mom to 4 amazing boy-men and she is a retired ultrasound tech. 
She is a fabric hoarder and a quiltaholic, adores stitcheries and vintage fabric with a passion.
At one point in the 70's she even made a  "meager" living selling clothing made from vintage fabrics!

Her home is in Fallbrook CA. with her family and four dogs.

Here is a photo of her and her DIL.
She lives a outdoorsy lifestyle... which is a nice balance to her
indoorsy creative life.

I can relate to this all too well!

But when she recently popped up
announcing that she is going to be holding a
quilters getaway... I was super impressed.
The woman is fearless... 
she jumped in and has created not just a retreat...
but something new, and fresh...

I have been hosting a quilt retreat for over 10 years... so again, I can relate all too well
with the time and effort she is putting into creating, in her words,  

"not just a retreat, but a refreshment of spirit so that we can focus on renewing ourselves, be inspired by like minded friends, and create to our hearts content".

The first of her camps will be held in Sonoma, California.

It will be next year, in September of 2017, the 7th thru the 10th.

Erica said that after attending many retreats and 
feeling a bit wrung out at the end, she felt compelled to offer something different and fresh...
more of a holistic approach to quilt "retreats".

I want to quote Erica here...

"Quilters Revival is about just that... Not a retreat, but a refreshment of spirit so that we can focus on renewing ourselves, be inspired by like minded friends, and create to our hears content".

Please take a look at her beautiful website to read more about the 

And today there is an exciting newsflash to share!

Lori Holt, yes, THEE Lori Holt, aka Bee In My Bonnet, aka Farmgirl-Vintage-Lori
will be coming to teach at the retreat!

So, let me see,
that's 3 nights
4 days
a gorgeous location
delicious and healthy meals
luxurious accommodations
beautiful views

all in one very reasonable price.

Erica told me that she is planning these
Quilters Revival camps to be nomadic in nature 
and will include many different locations in the future.

"The goal of each one is to pamper, refresh, encourage, and delight in our creativity", she says.

You can see why
Renew, Inspire, Create is her mantra!
Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.09.53 AM.jpg

3 friends stopped by to chat:

peggy hendrick said...

Love the quilt at the end of your post...is it just a collaboration of different blocks or is there a pattern somewhere that I could follow...I think it is the coordination of fabrics that makes it look so good!...thank you

paront1222@comcast.net said...

WOW...what a great opportunity! You are one lucky duck!
I'm going to go follow her too and hopefully learn something or just be inspired :)

Happy June!

Peggy in NJ

Judi Smith said...

I am crazy about the quilt at the end of your post! Is there a pattern?? I already know how much fun piecing this would be! Really hope there is a pattern coming!