Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Problem Has Been Uncovered

I love Dresden quilts.

Every variety of them!

They are so versatile 
and they can be  a great way to use scraps too.

But I seem to have uncovered a problem...

I have a few Dresden quilts started!

This is a problem I need to fix!

I even bought not one 
but two
of these kits!
(fortunately I was able to work out a deal and my LAQ has one of them now)

but... do you know what I started just a couple weeks ago?!?

I am putting myself on lock down for the month of August!

These have got to get done!


well, not the Jen Kingwell! lol

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Cathy said...

Lots of work ahead of you, but all good. Mahalo is on my list but I haven't decided on the fabric yet.

carol fun said...

I love all your Dresdens and it makes my heart glad to know that someone else has multiple quilts started... I have quite a stash of blocks just waiting to be assembled into a quilt... some day... but probably not today... or tomorrow... or this year...LOL! Have fun with all of these projects ... they are wonderful!

Hildy said...

Love all your dresden blocks they all look great! I think we all have a WIP stash (or is it UFO pile?) and I promised myself to finish some this year ... so far I've finished one (lol).

Quilt Granny said...

Lucky you to have such a fantastic bunch of WIPs going on. I love the Jen Kingwell Kits. I am also a huge fan of hers. Dresdens are such fun to make...I just don't really like having to applique the center circle....or applique them to the background either for that matter. They would definitely all end up in my WIP closet!

Thimbleanna said...

Well, at least they're all beautiful! Have fun on lockdown LOL!!!

paulette said...

OH MY GOSH!! They are all wonderful!! August sounds like you will be spinning a lot of wheels!! I hate to be a pain in the butt but do you know the name of the yellow Dresden pattern or the designer...don't get up and look! Tell me only if it is on the tip of your tongue! LOVE IT!! What a fun August you are going to have!

Miriam said...

I think you are spinning a lot of beautiful plates. Dresden blocks are such a fun way to play with design, layout and color--I am hooked, too. Your plates are beautiful!

Sherry said...

I too love Dresden quilts and have one to complete but you do have several beautiful projects to finish. I will look forward to seeing the quilts finished. Have fun!


Ohh--how exciting to have so many Dresden plates--I am jealous--can't wait to see those finishes come end of August--happy stitching--
love and laughter, di

gailss said...

Ahhh.... I feel your pain! We all seem to have one type of pattern that we just can't resist and seem to have more than one of. If it helps, .....they are really nice and love them all!

Sherri said...

I think it's a good type of problem to have!

Happy Dresden Quilting!

Kris said...

Well good luck! I know you, and you will get it done! Our friends are up at Bass Lake right now. We couldn't go because the timing was not right for us, as we had just spent a week at Big Bear. They are spreading ashes of a son lost tragically in October to a drunk driver! It will be a sad, yet joyous occasion. I am loving their photos!!!

Jan Elmore said...

Being on 'lockdown' is like saying the 'D' word....(diet).
The minute my tummy hears that word, my system goes into overdrive and believes it's about to be starved.
A moratorium on fabric, patterns, etc...creates the same anxiety!
I'm a hopeless mess at times like this!