Friday, July 22, 2016

The Week Ends... and The Weekend

Well, I couldn't help myself and I started a project out of the Amy Ellis book 
I blogged about a couple weeks ago. It's called Modern Heritage.

I love this book and have a few picked out to make.
This one is first!

You can see photos of the quilt and the book here.on my previous post.

I am pretty excited about it... and I used my low volume stash as well as my
"left over" scraps of Zen Chic!

I cut out my tote bag..  although I am still trying to decide if
this is my favorite pairing of fabrics.

I have a little something in mind for the new-soon-to-be-released 
Fig Tree fabrics... so I cut into my layer cake before I 
either forgot or would change my mind!

I also got happy mail this week from the cousin I was planning on
visiting in Portland... she went on a little local shop hop and gathered up
license plates for me! 
She is so sweet!!!

what to do with them?!?
Have you collected any of these from last year or this year???

Aside from the sewing...
it's the time of year again here in our area...

This started yesterday and fortunately was pretty much under control by
night fall. That ridge is where one of my son's live... and they 
did a precautionary evacuation but returned home today.

Our poor trees... the drought, the bark beetle infestation... and fire.
It is really changing the landscape.

Have a happy weekend!

4 friends stopped by to chat:

gailss said...

Like your new starts and looks like some fun projects you are working on. Did I hear right that Fig Tree is coming out with a new line of fabrics....???Oh, can't wait as I am addicted to their fabrics. Enjoy your weekend and hope the fires stay under control!

Needled Mom said...

I know. We've lost so many trees in our area too. The fire season has already been bad and it isn't even fall.

Your stitching looks fabulous. That is going to be gorgeous when all together.

Hildy said...

Hope you and your family are safe and that the fires can be controlled quickly.
Love what you sewing and yeah sometimes it's better to start a project you love right then and there because otherwise it wanders down on your wish-to-do-list and you never come around to make it (now how do I know that?;-)

Jocelyn said...

Wow, so sorry about the drought. We have been having a LOT of rain lately. Lots of downed trees and even people being struck by lightening :-( Glad to hear that your hubby is better.