Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Olympic Events and Such

I ran across my small vintage sheet stash and I was inspired to
project that was going on a
couple of months ago.
I am still going to use an assortment of solids to make the wedges...
maybe some vintage greens, blues, orange/yellows and of course some pink!
I was making the four patches 
Friday morning (early)
when my day took a sudden change. 

My poor husband woke up realizing that he had had a stroke.
Life can sure get crazy quickly.

I had told him recently
 that it would  have been amazing to be in Rio to see the Olympics 
and Christ the Redeemer statue..
as it turned out... we saw a lot of this statue outside the hospital
and watched the Olympics on a I phone in the ER. 
We also cried... 
and we 

what else can you do because you realize...
it could

And the bottom line is... the husband gets the gold!
He came home yesterday... only  slightly worse for the wear.

Grace, prayers and angels surrounded him and he
is recovering very well.

*** his speech came back and he only has slight weakness on his right side***
An amazing recovery and sight to behold.

On a much happier note.. 
last week started off with my 
oldest son getting married.
A small simple and sweet courthouse ceremony.
Which was just fine after two of his
 other brothers had weddings already within the last 4 months!

Here is the sweet couple!
Teague and Blakeley

I think
I might even make it back into the sewing room this week!


Sherri said...

I am so glad your husband is doing well...what a weekend!

Take care of yourself and your husband!

greg @ grey dogwood studio said...

Hugs to you! I'm glad to read that your husband is doing better.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Wonderful news that your husband is having a good recovery. Congratulations to all the happy couples

sunny said...

Thank God your husband is doing well. My DH had a stroke a couple of years ago, and had no lasting problems. Very fortunate indeed. You two may need a little vacation after all that's going on in your life!

Hildy said...

Glad to hear that your hubby is better! Congrats to your son and his bride:-)

The Quiltwhinny said...

Prayers to you and your husband. Glad he is home, and wishing him a wonderful recovery.

Pam Walton said...

God bless. A positive attitude is so important. I'm so happy that your husbands recovery is coming along. Take care
Pam from Canada

Lisa D. said...

I am so happy to hear your husband is ok. I wish him continued good progress and HUGS to you!!

paulette said...

I am so glad that your hubby is on the mend!!! What a scare! Congrats on all the weddings! Now we need to talk quilts! LOVE your vintage sheet quilt blocks! I can't wait to watch this one take shape! I have a huge Rubbermaid tub full of vintage sheets! Come on...spur me on...haha

Needled Mom said...

Oh wow!!! That had to be frightening. I'm glad to hear he has recovered so well.

Congratulations to your son and new DIL.

I hope you can get back to some sewing this week. Those sheets look beautiful.

Jocelyn said...

Oh Sinta! I am so sorry to hear about your DH. I hope he is doing better. Congrats to your son and new DIL. You have so much going on.
I may have some vintage sheets that I can share, if you need more. Please let me know.

Sue said...

SO sorry to hear about your hubby... How scary ! Glad to here he is home and doing better.

Congratulations to your son and new Daughter in law :-D

Looking forward to watching your progress on your Vintage sheets quilt

Tracey Holzer said...

You have had a full plate lately! Glad to hear that your husband is doing well.

Lesley Gilbert said...

You must be so happy to have your hubby back home and almost 100% of his normal self - he certainly won gold :) Congrats to your son and wife on their happy occasion as well.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

I am so happy that this turned out so well. Life gets scary now that we are getting older. Oh my, I am relieved for both of you

Sue SA said...

Great news that your husband knew he had a stroke and you got him to hospital early = good recovery. Glad that you had a wedding to attend, nice exciting positive news to follow not so nice hospital visits. Hope you get to have a boring life in the sewing room next week :)

O'Quilts said...

Boy, do I know how life as we know it can change in a minute. So happy for you.that he is getting better.

Anonymous said...

Good news is he's getting better! Prayers for you all! Laura V. ninepatch@hotmail.com